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Hi there! This is part 6 of find the wysteria, my first story quiz for girls. I hope you all enjoy this part too, it's pretty long! It is going to have clear options of which guy you want! I always prefer doing that. It makes the results more interesting :) Last time you met a new girl; someone who resembles you a bit. She stole the Crown of the city of Lights. When you all confronted her, she injured Jules and escaped on one of the horses.

Shoutout to a new reader, xxblutixx, who has actually been on GTQ way longer than me xD I'm glad you like these, and thank you for reading them and giving feedback, and also for sharing other story quizzes with me! :D You rock!

Created by: rhimicha

  1. "Dawson, can you hand me my med kit?" Caldwell says urgently but calmly while leaning over Jules. Dawson quickly rummages through Caldwell's bag and hands it to him. Jules mumbles while sitting up, "The Crown, the Crown, you guys can't let her escape, go after her... owww!" Caldwell tells him to calm down and dabs his head with something wet. After thoroughly cleaning and sterlizing the wound, he securely wraps it with a bandage. Jules is going to be fine, but his head is really hurting. "Here, eat this," Caldwell says while handing him a small piece of medicine. Jules pops it in without any second thoughts. Dawson shakes his head and says, "I'm sorry I let her escape. I had the chance, but I blew it."
  2. "You didn't blow it," Caldwell shakes his head. "It all happened way too fast for any of us to have prevented her escaping." Dawson sighs, "Okay, but I still feel bad about it." Caldwell hesitates, "I'm sorry for kicking you earlier. Lucia admitted to me that it was her who kissed you. I just get really protective over her sometimes. I thought you were one of those jerk types, you know? How is your leg, by the way?" Dawson shrugs, "It's not that bad." Jules says, "Hurry on with it you two, we should catch up with that girl."
  3. "I just want to point out," Lucia starts dramatically, "that when that girl's cloak fell off, she looked kinda like _____!" You were thinking the same thing, and yet, when coming from Lucia's mouth, it just seems so annoying. So while crossing your arms, you respond with, "Uh, just because we both have (Your Hair Color) hair? That doesn't mean we look alike..." Dawson chips in now, "Actually she had quite a similar face, too... now that it's being mentioned. I got a pretty good look at her in the struggle with the horse." Jules stands up. "Speaking of which, now we only have two," he says. "It's going to take longer, since some of us will have to walk. We can do it in shifts. The next city we reach will be our resting point."
  4. It takes about an hour to reach the next city. You are all exhausted when you finally find a hotel, and it is now evening. You and Jules tie the horses to a private post that you rented near the lodge. This city is interesting because it's a more 'magical' city. Its name is Andriella, named after its discoverer. There are many tales of faeries that used to live in this land. Apparently they went extinct some years ago. Most of the locals seem to be very hostile when it comes to that subject, though.
  5. "We'd like two rooms, please," Caldwell smiles at the innkeeper. "One for girls, one for guys?" you ask him uneasily. Sleeping in the same room as Lucia makes you uncomfortable... yes, even more so than in a room with a guy. "Of course. Unless... you want an extra just for us two?" he winks. Your cheeks go red involuntarily and you sputter out, "N-no no! Don't be ridiculous!" Caldwell laughs and looks to the innkeeper. "Two rooms it is," he nods. "All right," the innkeeper replies, taking the money. You can't help but think to yourself, if only there was a shortcut to the Northern Woods. At this rate, by the time you get back home, it will be too late for your mother.
  6. Jules looks annoyed at first with the advance that Caldwell made toward you, but he's doing a good job of hiding it. "_____, sleep well, all right?" he smiles at you while putting his hand on your shoulder. You nod sleepily and wave him goodbye. "Thank you, Jules. Goodnight everyone." Dawson and Caldwell also wish you goodnight. Lucia rolls her eyes and pulls you along, "Let's just go find our room." From here, the guys and girls split up.
  7. When Lucia and you reach your room, you immediately collapse onto your bed. This lodge is fancier than the last one you stayed at. Ever since Jules joined you all, you've been more secure as far as money goes. The beds have silky sheets, and there's even a space with a love seat and coffee table. The ceilings are very high and the floors have creamy white carpet. Lucia plops down in the bed next to yours and just lies there for a while. Then she looks over to you and says, "So out of these guys... NOT including my brother, who would you wanna 'do the deed with' the most?"
  8. "Excuse me?" you giggle nervously. "No really, who? I know who I'd pick... Jules! I liked Dawson at first but he hates me now so... whatever," Lucia laughs. "I haven't really thought about it so much. I'm more focused on finding the Wysteria...." you yawn while rolling over to face her. "Oh really? Okay... well, let me know if you ever find out," she smiles.
  9. "Lucia, why did you even want to come on this trip in the first place?" you ask groggily. "Well... ever since our parents passed away, life has been pretty boring. It's just me, Caldwell, and our aunt and uncle at home. They're super strict people and I just got lonely being cooped up all the time. I wanted to go on an adventure," she explains.
  10. You are curious to know how their parents passed away, but you still don't know Lucia well enough to ask. It seems wrong, so you just say, "Wow. I'm sorry..." After a moment of silence, you point out, "Caldwell seemed really interested in finding the Wysteria too though. Do you know why he would want it? Whoever finds it and eats it is supposed to gain 'immeasurable wealth and success'." Lucia pauses for a moment to think about your question. "Caldwell is in love with someone," she starts.
  11. Lucia continues. "She lives in the kingdom opposite this one. As you must know, it's a cruel kingdom much different from our own. She's from here originally, but was taken away by some strange people. I have no idea why. He's been fantasizing about becoming rich so he can get her back, which costs a fortune. I don't think she loves him in return though." All you can seem to get out in response is, "Wow." Then, after a moment, you look Lucia in the eye and say, "That kingdom is the one Dawson's parents are in..." Lucia's eyes widen. Then she says solemnly, "Hmph, I guess he and Caldwell have something in common then. They both have people they love there." You sigh deeply and look around the room. "I'm exhausted, what about you?" Lucia smiles, "I am too. Time to sleep now?" You nod and both of you start to get ready for bed. After that's done, you fall sound asleep.
  12. You can hear the voice of the guy you like close by. What are they doing in your room? You have a hard time slipping out of your dream... which is about how you start a huge business where everyone comes to eat and you invent this food that has dough and tomato sauce and cheese and tastes absolutely amazing. It's circular shaped and cooked in an oven and then sliced like pie. Everyone loves it, you become SUPER rich, and are able to buy a cure for your mom. Then you buy your whole family a mansion to live in.
  13. "Wake up, _____," Lucia says while shaking you lightly. You stir awake and are thrown back into your sad, sad, reality, where your mother is NOT cured, and you are certainly NOT rich. You think it's ridiculous to have tears in your eyes, but you can still feel them. You quickly wipe them away and sit up to stretch out. "Yah, whaddya want?" you mumble. Then as your eyes adjust you see all the of the guys sitting in the lounging area. It's morning now and sunlight beams heavily in through the windows. Completely embarrassed, you grab the blanket sheets to keep your body covered. You are only wearing a shirt and undies >_
  14. "Lucia!" you hiss in her ear. "I can't get out of bed like this! Can you tell them to leave for a while?" Lucia realizes immediately what you're talking about and backs away to talk to the guys. "Hey, all of you. Get out now. We'll meet you downstairs. _____ still has to get ready." The guys rise awkwardly and all head out, but before they're gone, Caldwell says, "Okay, but try to be quick. We have a lot to do today."
  15. After you're done getting ready, you and Lucia head to the guys' room. She informs you that today both of you will probably be able to go into the market for some new clothes. (Yours are getting pretty worn out.) The guys confirm it: Today you are all going shopping ^^
  16. You end up buying two dresses, a few new shirts, three new pairs of pants, and new shoes. You bought most of it with your own saved up money. Jules saw you staring at a dress super longingly and offered to chip in to buy it for you, since you couldn't afford it. You insisted he didn't have to do that, but he did anyway ^_^ "Thank you so much, Jules. You really didn't have to!" you blush, embarrassed. "I wanted to. I like to see you happy," he smiles sincerely. Dawson is watching but he seems emotionless. In fact, he leaves to a different part of the market. You haven't seen him in a while. Caldwell and Lucia are stocking up on food. You all meet up in the town square, but Dawson is still not here...
  17. "Great, now I'm worried. Why'd he have to run off like that?" you grumble. "Last time I saw him he was acting pretty weird..." Caldwell adds. "Did he say where he was going?" Jules asks. "Mhm, he said he was gonna swing by the park. That must be where he is," Caldwell answers. Lucia sighs and shakes her head, "What a way to waste our time. Now we have to go looking for him? Ugh." First you head back to the lodge to drop off all the things you bought. Then you all set out for Andriella's park. It is basically a nature reservation with gorgeous gardens, many benches, and a glistening lake. Not including the entrance, it's surrounded by forest.
  18. Dawson is not anywhere to be seen. "This is not good..." Lucia says worriedly. "What if something bad happened to him?" Caldwell looks at her. "Don't worry, I'm sure he's here somewhere..." he assures. You are all standing in an area with a picnic table, and several big trees. You stand next to one of them while the others go in search of Dawson. Suddenly, you feel a hand clamping over your mouth and another grabbing your waist. You immediately start to kick your legs and try to scream, but it's very muffled and your kicks do no good at all. They've picked you up off the ground now, and you can feel yourself being drawn deeper and deeper into the forest, your friends' familar figures quickly fading away. Helpless. You feel so helpless. You can't see your captor because of the way they are holding you. They whisper in your ear, "You're mine now, darling."
  19. The question is: Who just captured you??? You'll have to wait until part 7 to find out ;) Then again... that's not really much of a wait since I'll probably be posting 6 and 7 on the same day xD Now which guy do you like best so far?

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