Are you Gay, Bi, or Straight

come see who you really are.....come check and take the quiz to see if you are really who you are. you might not be who you think you are....come take the quiz it will only be a few minutes.

are you GAY? are you STRAIGHT? are you BISEXUAL? what do you think you are? if you are confused or just want to find out then come take this test which tells you what type are you.

Created by: paige301

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  1. have you ever played with toys that you made them have sex?
  2. what kind of butts do you like?
  3. are you comfortable watching someone the same gender as you naked?
  4. go to google, click on image and type in (the same gender as you) girl/boy naked and click on the unsafe button, did you do that?
  5. have you ever kissed the same gender as you in the lips, and did you like it?
  6. have you ever experimented on the same gender as you?
  7. have you ever pictured someone naked, who?
  8. have you ever dreamt that you dated the same gender as you?
  9. have you ever had sex before?
  10. choose a number
  11. are you despreate to date anyone?
  12. what is your hair color?
  13. when you look at a naked picture of the same gender do you have to go to the bathroom?
  14. were you comfortable with this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I Gay, Bi, or Straight