Shoutout quiz summer 2015

YAY SHOUTOUT QUIZZZZ I love chu and I hope you lik meh shoutouts. They're all a little personalized, based on our convos~ If I forgot chu I'm sorru. Forgive me? Please? ;-;

YAY SHOUTOUT QUIZZZZ I love chu and I hope you like meh shoutouts. They're all a little personalized based on our convos~ If I fogot chu I'm sorru. Forgive me? Please? ;-;

Created by: care_bear19
  1. :3 Kay first shout out goes to wife :D Redrose2/The_Red_Rose Thanks for being there for me < 3 I love you~
  2. Next is *drumroll* Jayje! Batman(enter numbers here) :3 You're like a little sister to me. I always got chur back. Luv chu~
  3. Next is Cappy, Captain Xantos. You're always here for me and I tell you almost everything :D *stuffs you in the closet* shhhhh
  4. Then comes Demonwolf2 :3 Woof :3 You will forever be my virtual daughter. Luv chu.
  5. Fox-san!!!! You're next!!! Cody17/Rex. You always give great advice and talk to me when I'm bored :D
  6. Oneesan! :3 You're my big sister .u. Thank you for being the firat person to talk to me on GTQ. I hope we get to talk more soon :3
  7. AURA. I love chuuuuuuuuuuuu :3 You are my fellow k-popper. :3 You're an amazing~ artist and I love talking to you
  8. Ban! Fellow purple hair haver! xD funniebunnie :D We have the .. weirdest (xD) but best conversations XD Insomnia buddies!
  9. SIS. I could never forget you~ Puppetmaster 12~ I'm always here, But i wish we talked more VwV
  10. Luce Clara! I love chu! You're my little light! Don't stop shining and I can't wait til you come back!
  11. Kiddie :3 FullmetalOtaku. I haven't known you long but we always have good conversations :3 or odd one s o.O But odd is amazing xD
  12. Nellywelly! I love chu! Come on more ;-;
  13. Tajemny! Planes! :D I haven't seen you on in a few days but Hai. We talk a lot :3 Also "Come on Eileen!" XD
  14. And *sigh* I guess~ Ronnieradkefan gets a shoutout too XD
  16. I think that's it! If I forgot you I'M SORRU QnQ I have a bad memory < 3 I love chu though *loves everyone*

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