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  • "And have a way to ask him if it’s ok for me to have his info.."
  • "Name : Cade/Caden Age: 21 in a few days Pronouns: he/him (trans ftm) Alt accounts: I think i gave the"
  • Hey guys!!
    "Honestly yes 😂"
  • Hey guys!!
    "Good 🥺 hi"
  • Hey guys!!
    "Hey Le1f, yes i remember you And hey mv"
  • Hey guys!!
    "Coldest: Eh, too much for one convo 😂 life is life. I’m good now though. I was pretty focused on my career/school for awhile but since Covid"
  • Hey guys!!
    "Chame: thanks !!! How are you? Sniper: I hung out with a mixed group. I was on here for a few years so it changed as i got olde"
  • Hey guys!!
    "Hi!! Nice to meet you"
  • Hey guys!!
    "Demon if you don’t remember me I’ll be so sad 😂"
  • Hey guys!!
    "Seth! (If thats still what you go by) What’s up? Also, if yall could call me Cade that would be awesome 🤙🏻 I also go by he/him "
  • Hey guys!!
    "AHHHH HEY i can’t believe you remember my nickname after all this time ❤ No one has called me radio except one person 😭✨"
  • Hey guys!!
    "AHH hey everyone 🤙🏻 I’m not and Og so some of the ogs won’t remember me 😂 I joined when i was 15 and I’ll be 21 next week"
  • Hey guys!!
    "Hey ❤ Miss you guys!"
  • Soap?
    "I don't really have any ideas so feel free to shoot some, I suppose. I'm at work (on break atm) so I might reply a little slow."
  • "45 more minutes of work hell"

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