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    Name: Elizabeth (Not my real name)
    Nicknames: can call me Liz or Lizzy
    Age: 13
    Hobbies: reading, writing, volleyball, ping pong, sleeping, watching YouTube, playing games, and role playing
    Likes: Dogs, cats, bears, wolves, reading, writing, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, music, food, and volleyball
    Other: I have two dogs
    I’m the youngest child
    My favorite color is blue
    Favorite animal is a bear
    I really like spaghetti
    I have anger issues
    I can move my ears without smiling (i have no idea how, though i know other people who can too)
    I can have panic attacks (mainly happens when I’m swimming the butterfly stroke)

    I don’t have any social media.
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    PeanutBrittle Newbie
    name: PeanutBrittle
    age: 13
    pronouns: she

    hobbies: theatre

    about me:
    i like theatre

    life goals: meh 😂

    Social Media

    this is my first social site, however i do use omegle sometimes
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    bb45 Newbie
    My name is Brandon.
    15, he.
    I live in the best state,
    with the best people(person)
    ps4. drawing? sleeping. scrolling thru my phone as time churns away? absolutely. watching sports ofc. Bump to music.
    nature and everything in it. the woods and the forest and evening-time. current events and music news and the color orange>.
    Not to be acknowledged but not ignored is what i would strive for, in whatever job or position. be known and liked by all i meet hopefully. but most importantly grow up and marry and have kids wi
    WHEN I DIE..
    either bury me under the tree, or plant another tree with my ashes beside it.
    Penguin. i am one.
    2nd is bunny
    Hot pockets are unrivaled sandwiches of pure gold.

    and thats it. love you
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    d_h Senior
    Name: d_h, Stallcost, Stranto, Fuze. These are at least things people of called me over the past few years
    Pronoun(s): call me whatever you like the whole gender thing doesn't really bother me that much. Basically whatever you see fits me.
    Age:21 or at least just about. will be in a few days at least.
    Interests: video gaming, preaching on the Almighty Phoenix, role-playing (I'm at least trying to get back into it), writing, ( if that's not obvious) and painting
    Location: smack dab in the middle of one of the worst States out there, Florida but in coming years I intend to move to Texas or Washington.
    Alt accounts: oh Jesus I think I've only had one. well, two if you count the one that I gave to another person but I don't have access to that anymore so I guess it doesn't really count. But yeah the only alternate account that I remember having is dark_pit but of course that was back whenever I was a huge fan boy over Kid Icarus and all that.
    Life goals: I kind of used to be big on life goals now after a bunch of recent events I just want to settle down with the one I love and take my life easy. Maybe one day visit the Netherlands. Beautiful place I hear.
    Gender: again kind of related towards the pronoun thing. When it comes down to it if you believe that gender is a Feeling or whatever all it does is just divide people more in the world so you can call me whatever gender you'd like it don't bother me. Whatever you think suits me.

    I love Rolling Rock and Smirnoff and Captain Morgan and if you don't know what all of those are you're probably too young so don't worry young chaps
    I've been here for years and I've seen people come and go as have the others who have been here as long as I have or longer.
    I'm actually coming back for the first time in months.
    I'm not a straight edge and far from it
    I'm Christian but I don't go to church
    I'm a minarchist

    Where to find me: often whenever I am active I intend on either being in the stage or in my mind field as soon as I get it unlocked again.

    Discord- stallcost#0001

    Please note that upon messaging me on Discord you will need to tell me where you're from (ie this site) and who you are because I naturally ignore advertisers and spam Bots and people I do not know from a server or something
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    black diamond Newbie
    name: hailey
    age: unknown
    gender: female
    pronouns: she
    bio: Im just looking for some friends here, maybe more. :) but Im also going to be writing my stories so be sure to check them out! midnight love part 1 will be out soon!
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    IceDrag0n Newbie
    Name: Ice
    Timezone: AEST
    Alts: None
    Interests: Video games, Minecraft,, reading
    Life goals: none
    other: Way too much
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    PastelGalaxy Novice
    Name: Lillie
    Age: I’m not putting it
    Gender: girl
    Interests: talking casually and having fun with my friends
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    Henlo! Please call me Emilia.

    My favorite food is Macoroni (especially from panera)
    I like girls (I’m lesbian)
    I made my first quiz.

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    Selena112 Expert

    - my name's pine, or saturday, or marmot, or sel i guess? is what folks used to call me here
    - i use they/them pronouns, nothing else currently
    - i'm 21 now! which means i've had an account on this website for nearly half of my life. what.
    - aside from that, i'm a very tired college student who lives in the PNW of the US, i draw but not as often as i want to, i've been a furry for as long as i've used this site (minimal correlation), aaaaand i really like sharks. i'm happy to chat if you want to, but i hide everything i post from recent posts. sneaky

    apparently i'm still a mod lol. that's fine ig
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    Sins Novice
    Name: Alex 💀👽
    Age: 14
    Pronouns: I’m a dude so he/him
    Interests: Drawing, writing music, playing piano and guitar, reading, video gaming
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    Name: Effie
    Pronouns: She/ Her
    Age: 21
    Time zone: Central

    Rich boys

    I'm much friendlier than I seem! Please don't be afraid to talk to me.
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    Name: Waffle!

    Age: 15 about to be 16

    About Me!: He/Him I am part of the furry fandom so please don't hate me. I am not new alt accounts mentioned later. I am Pansexual, No i don't f--- pans and no its not the same thing as Bisexual.

    Alt Accounts: Some users from 2016-2018 may remember me as Shadow. I dont remember the full username and tbh there were probably alot who used shadow

    Other Platforms: Instagram: waffle_the_wolf and Discord WaffleTheWolf#2355 i belive
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    ShadowClawVIP Junior
    Yo. About me:

    Name: Jake
    Hair: Golden Blonde
    Eyes: Change Colour
    Gender: Male
    Favourite Colour: Purple
    Favourite Animal: Wolf
    Favourite Genre Of Music: Rock
    Personality Traits: Dark, cute, funny, strong, suicidal, protective, loving, fit, angry and I have no fears.
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    Nuna Senior
    Name: LouLou/ Lyssa
    Hair: Mousey Brown
    Eyes: Blue/Green/Gray
    Gender: Female
    Pronoun: She
    Age: 26 (I am the oldest in this thread holy crap)

    I am married with a 2 year old girl named Novalee and I have been on this site on and off for the past 12-13 years. I have seen alot of user come and go. I guess you could say I'm caring and funny. I don't really have much else to tell.
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    HiddenLies Advanced
    I wanted to edit/retype this
    Name: Tyler (Call me Ty if you want)
    Pronouns: He/him
    Age: 16
    Timezone: EST (United States)
    Alt accounts: Tyson_Blaze and Spiderfell (Don’t use them much)
    Interests: Games, music, drums, guitar, some anime, drawing, some fashion, makeup
    Life goals: I’d like to start my own band one day
    Other: I am bisexual and can be feminine at times. I’m a guy, please don’t call me a girl or use she/her pronouns. I was born a male and identify as a male.

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