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    Merida1 Novice
    Name: Lucy
    Nicknames: Lu, Cici, Lulu
    Age: 15

    Hobbies: singing, acting, skateboarding, volleyball, basketball, softball, and reading
    Fav Animal: Wolf
    Appearance: tall with shoulder length black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes
    Sexuality: bisexual
    Life Goals: I want to become a pro volleyball player.
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    I want to edit mine too:
    Nicknames:Death, Silver,Deadly,Lelouch
    Species:Demon Butler/Geass owner
    Eye color: Purple when happy,amber when normal, red when triggered
    Favorite animal: The Devil
    Favorite color: Purple
    Favorite anime characters: #1 Sebastian Michaelis #2 Lelouch vi Britannia #3 Ciel Phantomhive
    A Few Facts:
    I play Roblox
    I have a sister called Acid and another called Amelia
    My cousin Andrew has an account but he is like not using it
    I am the opposite of all my family members
    I hate Undertaker/Adrian Crevan
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    PointlessDreams Advanced
    Name: Bea, B, and Chainsaw are all acceptable
    Age: 20
    Pronouns: I'm genderfluid, so either ask or just use they/them :)
    Timezone/Location: Pretty sure I'm in Eastern standard time. Born and raised in Florida but not the crazy florida man part of Florida, but the methheads and hicks part of florida.

    Alt. Accounts?: Well, I've made over two hundred accounts BUT I have access to like 12 and use just the two mostly. Chainsaw and PointlessDreams are both alternates of each other.
    They're also not my first accounts. I joined in 2012 under Sugercube, had GTQ guy delete that account because my dumb--- thirteen year old self posted my whole ass address. Oop.
    Then JaneDoe, but I locked myself out of it :/
    So now just PointlessDreams and Chainsaw.

    Interests: Writing, roleplaying, animals. I like art as well but I suck at it! Biiig true crime fanatic, I love conspiracy theories and philosophy.

    Life Goals: honestly idk yet lol. Something with animals or some sort of environmental science. Currently trying to stay alive and get a certification in pharmacy tech.

    -I'm a pretty middle of the road person. I can get along with anyone who can hold up their end of a conversation.
    -I'm a humanitarian and a pacifist when it comes to violence. I firmly believe we are here to be kind to each other.
    -I mainly hide in my own threads because I'm a very awkward and shy person. But I love all of you and would love to start friendships with any of you!
    -I'm a partier, I like getting into adventures, especially if risk is involved. I've got boatloads of crazy stories.
    -I have a horse and a dog!
    -I have an ear for all music, but I like indie and rock most of all. Especially indie rock
    -my bestest pal on here is dark22978. I am shamelessly in love with her and will never stop pining 😭
    -I was in theatre in high school and wrote two of the plays my group preformed my senior year. I REALLY want to get involved in a local theatre but im so shy..
    -Im currently working on a book series. It's going to kill me

    Other Social Media:
    Snapchat: thisonegirlbea
    Discord: chainsaw#7150
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    dragonsfire Experienced
    Name: Tatyana
    Nicknames: Tat, Taty, Dragon, Tater, Tatyanananananananana (please don't use this one too often. It'll get extremely annoying)
    Alt accounts: Tater_Tot, Septagon, GreenEggsAndHam, Diggy Dwarf (i think that's it)
    Age: 14
    Pronouns: only she/her, please
    Timezone: Central time
    Other: I'm sorry I can't think of anything more. It's hard for me to write down things about my personality and things I like and all that jazz on the spot.
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    Eggaly Novice
    Name: Emily, but don't ever call me that
    Nicknames: egg πŸ₯š and eggy
    Alt accounts: I have too many to list but the ones I use most frequently are Elincia and Wester
    Interests: reading video games anime and writing
    Age: 14
    Pronouns: she/her but I don't really care about it much
    Timezone: Central Time
    Life goals: to go outside more and fix my disgusting habits
    Other: I'm a weeb I like egg puns and I can't draw to save my life but I doodle anyways
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    Keyboard Junior
    Name: Keyboard
    Nicknames: Keys, Taylor
    Alt accounts: too many to remember, but I mostly use Draobyek, Sugar_Girl and Brooklyn_
    Interests: acting, singing, and drawing
    Age: 13, but I’ll be 14 soon
    Pronouns: she/her they/them
    Time zone: Central
    Life goals: to be less lazy and to become a famous singer when I grow up, preferably through Broadway :D
    Other: I’m using an iPad as I write this and it’s awesome,
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    name Ashley
    dream is to be on dancing with the stars
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    zilla Advanced
    I'm Zilla, though you can call me Paradox. I'm an old user, took a hiatus of five or so years to deal with school and grief. I game via PS4 and, once in a blue moon, PC. I have multiple accounts, this is my oldest and main account. If you ever want to talk to me, just put a message in my Paradox Dimension thread
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    Blanca Novice
    Name: Blanca
    Nicknames: I am called Project Blanca (or just Project) It’s an inside joke but I don’t mind being called by it. I don’t have any other nicknames
    Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them
    Age: Not posting but I am a minor!
    Interests: Alternative fashion and music, pastel goth, literature, singing, drawing, drama (as in acting), music
    Other: English is not my first language so sometimes I make mistakes! I am Asian and German. I was adopted. I am LGBTQ+ 🌈🌈🌈
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    Name: Londyn

    Age: 13

    Pronouns: She/Her please.

    Timezone/Location: Central standard time, and I live in Texas.

    Sexuality: Straight.

    Interest: I love sports, I really like to play guitar and sing, gaming, and drawing.

    Life Goals: I'd really like to become a Professional Woman's Basketball Player, or become a Zoologist. Mainly just to have a happy life though in general.

    Others: I have 2 medium sized dogs named Blackjack and Bella.
    My favorite band is "Imagine Dragons", and favorite song is "Before you go" by Lewis Capaldi.
    In school I'm in all advanced classes.
    I speak a little Spanish, but mostly English.
    I'm Mexican American, and that's all I can think of.
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    Penny Emmans Newbie
    Name: You can call me Penny. Penny Emmans isn't my real name, it's a play on the phrase Pen Name.

    Age: 18

    Pronouns: She/Her


    Danganronpa (I'm only at Chapter 3 in SDR2, so no spoilers please!)

    PMMM, Black Butler, Deathnote, and other animes.

    Novels, especially ones with wholesome stories

    Role playing

    Super Heroes

    And more!
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    shadylavender Newbie
    name: you can call me lavender!
    age: 15
    pronouns: she/her

    hello,, uhh i like danganronpa, avatar the last airbender, etc. and pursuing creative endeavors like writing, drawing, doll customising and cosplay!

    another thing of note is that i've had a few previous accounts on here, so do with that what you will,, glad to meet you guys!!
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    Momentary Novice
    How did I find this site? I was looking up quizzes a couple months ago and this popped up on our favorite search engine, Google! ✨
    I’ve been looking around the forums since then and finally made an account to interact with you guys here.

    Just call me Mo! I’m a prideful person, but I’m also realistic so don’t expect me to be super happy and positive all the time
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    CatLover97 Novice
    Name: Adrianna (You can call me Adri if it’s easier I know my name is kind of long)
    Age: 14
    Pronouns: she

    Hi I’m Adri and I loooove cats I also like to have fun and chat with all kinds of people I like making new friends so let’s be friends!!! My favorite color is the whole rainbow! 🌈 My favorite food is pizza because who doesn’t like pizza and I also like to dance and I go to dance class every week
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    Solar Eclipse Novice
    Name: Elisabeth (Elisa, Lis, or Lisa is also acceptable)
    Age: 19
    Pronouns: She/her
    Timezone: Eastern Time
    Life goals: I always wanted to be a nurse or pediatrician, which I am now trying to pursue. I’m in nursing school :)
    Other: I’m a bit of a geek sometimes. I like video games and I think cartoons are cute and fun! I’m open if anyone wants to talk.

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