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Thread Topic: Member Introduction Thread

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    Ethel Advanced
    Nicknames: Hope, Eclipse, Eclipsestar, Little, Kitty, Tree, EvelynTree, Ethel, Silent, Blue, Silent Blue, and more.
    Timezone/Location: Pacific
    Appearance: I have long dirty blond hair fading down to very light blonde, along with some natural highlights. I have chocolate brown eyes.

    My Alts

    My Official Thread

    Other facts:

    - I have some trust issues
    - I'm very quiet in real life, but a little talkative online
    - I love cookies
    - I can be unpredictable
    - I can be stupid, sometimes
    - I love to roleplay
    - It's harder for me to roleplay as a human
    - I'm a tomboy
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    iamdeadinside Newbie
    I aint new, but fory my newbs, my name is irrelevant bc everyone knows me as BloodyAlice but iamdeadinside now :D
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    Kinsler Advanced
    Here’s a basic intro XD

    Name: Jaden (you can also call me J or anything else you want, i don’t mind)

    Pronouns: He Him

    Location: somewhere in the US :)

    Interests: Anime, manga, art, drawing, music, working out

    Social Media: Don’t use it but my email is kadenjing @ gmail
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    LittleApple Advanced
    Name: Rosio/ AR
    Nicknames: Ro, Rose, Ro-Ro, Chio, pineapple, Albie
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Timezone/Location: EST
    Main/OG account: rvelez
    Alt accounts: ur gay lol, pineapple AR, CrownTheChaotic and this one.

    *Crash Team Racing, Splatoon 2, Rocket League, AC, NST.
    -Music (my type is varied)
    *I listen to alternative rock, rock, pop, indie, electric, but I can be found listening to all sorts if I really like a song, especially if its a cover or if its changed into a Nightcore version. So I can go from listening to something by Aurora, to something from Post Malone.
    Currently in love with Bohnes, The Score, Unlike Pluto, and grandson.
    *I plan to travel to Norway in the future. Maybe stay there for a bit. :O idk about living there.. ^^"

    -I am a Sagittarius. uwu
    -Free-spirit. I don't like to be tied or dragged down. Real independent.
    -Taken. uwu
    -Favorite color is grey. But if we are talking about colors from an artist pov, my favorite color is yellow.
    -Sour beats sweet.
    -Allergic to sunflower seeds... :c
    -Hate cold weather
    -I'm 5'3..

    Main discord: Your Way#8976
    Alt discord: AR#7144
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    crystxlss Novice
    wanted to redo my intro :3

    ✩ ✩ intro ✩ ✩

    name: veronica
    pronouns: she/they
    nicknames: vero, roni, v, literally anything i don’t mind :3
    age: 15
    timezone: central

    ♡ social media ♡

    discord: #3981
    instagram: nepttxne
    pinterest: vero

    ✦ facts ✦

    - i have adhd so i’ll go on random spams a lot
    - i’m really into alt and indie fashion and fashion in general
    - i am in a relationship ♡
    - i love indie, rock, rap, r&b, & hyperpop
    - i draw, edit, write, and do a bunch of artsy s---
    - i have ptsd, depression, and anxiety so again i can have outbursts on here
    - i’m wiccan/practice witchcraft
    - i absolutely love final fantasy & video games
    - don’t mind popping into my thread once in a while, i like talking to people a lot ♡
    - if you need someone to talk to, even if we don’t talk at all, you can talk to me :) i promise i’ll try my best to listen ♡
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    crystxlss Novice
    ^my discord didn’t pop up but it’s vero with a old gothic font
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    Acrimony Advanced
    Name: Mei ♡
    Age: 19
    Pronouns: She/her. Anything is fine tho, I'm not fussed.
    Hobbies: ARSON, GENOCIDE

    Discord: Daddys Milk#8530

    I'm a moderator on GTQ, as well as the GTQ discord. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you require assistance on either platform !
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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    Name: Road
    Age: 21+
    Pronouns: they/them

    quiet like murder#7581
    (636) 221-4194

    I'm a moderator. Feel free to contact me if you need help with anything here on Gotoquiz.
    While I have a hard time relating to a lot of you, I'm here for all of you and I will do anything I can to help any one of you. If you need to talk to an adult, I'm here for you.
    I am depressed and have attempted suicide in my lifetime. I've been where you are. Call me before you hurt yourself. I'll talk to you, no matter what time it is.
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    michael stacy Novice
    hello, trying not to make this too too long of an intro. you can call me any name you’d like. i don’t have a preference for pronouns either. my username is not my real name, it’s an inside joke. i like art, manga, anime. i’m up to talking about any of that. sometimes i type like this, sometimes i type differently, so don’t let that throw you off.

    don’t be too shy to start a conversation 💕
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    BurningFlame Newbie
    Hello! I’m Bryan and here’s a little bit of info about me :)

    Name: Bryan (I already said so before)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14

    Other Facts about Me!
    -I’m straight
    -I have a cat and a dog. My dog's name is Roadle and my cat's Penny
    -I play football
    -I live in Texas
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    pAsTeL cLoWn Novice

    Name: Spencer McKenna
    Nicknames: Spence, Kenna, Kenny
    (You can call me Spencer or any of the nicknames listed :)
    Age: 666 (it's a mystery :)
    Pronouns: she/her or they/them

    Interests:SpOoKy stuff, anime/manga, art, horror/thriller genre anything, cosplay, comics, and more!

    Life goals: Not exactly sure yet, but I’d love to be an sfx artist! So that's my plan for now

    Other Facts:
    I was born in GA
    My favorite animals are bats, but I also love squirrels
    I get mistaken for a dude a lot because of my name
    I have a weird obsession with clowns
    I like pastel colors and blacks/grays/browns
    I do have mental illness/disabilities so please bare with me

    aLso I discovered this website from someone on Pony Town hahahaha.

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    Lilly f Newbie
    Name: Lilly
    age: 13
    interests: hanging out w/friends, watching tv, shopping, cooking with mom and dad, eating out, fast food, role playing, etc...
    Life goals: to become a dancer
    other facts: I live in USA
    I like dogs and cats and other animals
    I have braces
    im a foster child :(
    this guy keeps bullying me on soacil media
    u can be ny friend:)
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    Mused Jade Advanced
    Name: Jinx/Jade
    Age: 20
    Pronouns: They/Them
    ContactDiscord: ×Peridot×#1154
    Instagram: _.blissful.bean._
    Authors and Writers Amino: Click Me!
    ☣ I am a mod! If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out!
    ☣ I am not the best at conversations, but I try! I am continuing to work on my communication skills daily!
    ☣ I love to write and draw! Hopefully I can post more of my work on GTQ as time progresses!
    ☣ I am a nerd at heart. I love anime, comic books, video games, D&D etc.!
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    Raiden Ripper Novice
    Name: Raiden

    Age: 17

    Pronouns: She/her or They/them

    Alt accounts: Refer to the alt account thread or my "What's THAT About" thread. I have a lot.

    Videogames more than anything in the world!
    Any book/movie/game war-related

    Life goals: Don't die. Find someone who really loves me.

    Contacts: Please as me in my thread.

    I'm oddly hemophobic
    I have heightened emotions (prone to serious mood swings)
    I have depression
    I am autistic
    I hide in my threads
    Large crowds make me uncomfortable
    I'm the rebel child in the family
    I'm emo
    I tend to obsess over whatever little thing I'm into

    I'm a demigirl, so some days I would prefer nonbinary terms as I act more masculine; other days, it doesn't matter.
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    CryingClover Advanced
    I'm re-doing mine))

    Nicknames: Glory, Deathbringer, Glorybringer, or Woofle if you want to annoy me =)

    Timezone: Central Standard Time

    Pronouns: She/her


    Alt Accounts:

    Quizzes/Main: WoF_Deathbringer

    Most common on the Forums: Silent Grey and Crying Clover

    Main Threads:

    My Current Personal Thread: Deathbringer's Den

    My Art Thread: Deathbringer's Art

    Discord: WoF_Deathbringer#3865
    Feel free to contact me, I'm always bored!


    - Roleplaying
    - Warrior Cats
    - Wings of Fire
    - Writing short stories
    - Reading Books
    - Math


    - Singing, though I never do it in public
    - I play the violin


    - I have glasses
    - My sister has a pet bird named Tony

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