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    J_Angel_ Newbie
    Name: J_Angel
    Age: Fifteen
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Gender: Female
    Mates: Male
    Color: Black & Pink
    Fact: I have PTSD and supposedly ADHD
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    Paige_ Senior
    Name: Technically it's Paige, but I don't like being called that a lot. I prefer Pag, but Neon or Paggles works too!!!
    Age: 17, almost 18 (May 9th)
    Pronouns: I don't have a preference, I don't really care for it. She, he, they, it, I'll respond as long as I know you're referring to me.
    Timezone/Location: Eastern Daylight Time, Ma--hole here

    Alt. Accounts?: I switch between NeonSpectere and Paige_ a lot, I might use babycakess more often tho

    Things I like; RPing, occasional writing, doll collecting, listening to music, sloths and other animals, humor. I like Land of The Lustrous a whole lot.

    Other Random Things:
    -Don't be afraid to pop by in my thread! I like talking to new people, I just have trouble sometimes.
    -My humor can get pretty raunchy and disturbing, but I can also hold a normal and friendly conversation! Just tell me if something I say bothers you, and I'll try not to say it again
    -I also love the water!
    -I have a big family
    -As long as I know about a topic, I will talk about it with you if you want ^-^
    -I'm not the most interesting, but I'll try my best!
    -I want to be a traveling nurse when I grow up!! I think that's what it's called lol
    Other Social Media: 
    Discord: Paige#2782
    Quotev: CutestSloth
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    Winter Artic Novice
    Heres my introduction:

    Name: Please call me Winter(That means call me that on all my accounts)
    Nicknames: Copycat, Artic, Winter is coming, Alastor, Rednax the devourer
    Age: nearly 15
    Gender: Genderfluid male
    Pronouns: He/Him, They/them
    Timezone: Australian Eastern Standard time
    Alts: IceDrag0n, Icicle Icewing
    Things I like: RPing, I mostly do Undertale RPs but I can also do any type of RP if I like it but I'd definitely do an Hazbin Hotel RP; Undertale; Hazbin Hotel; Dragons; Deltarune; Undertale AUs(Alternate Universes); the colours blue and white; video games; memes; making online friends
    Accounts on other sites I use: IceDrag0n on Scratch(I will be on scratch a lot more often); Alastor IceDrag0n on youtube; IceDrag0n on Commaful
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    Sword Hayate Advanced
    Name: Ava but please do not call me that(just call me by one of my nicknames)
    Nicknames: Draco, Yu, Yuichiro
    Gender: F
    Pronouns: She/her
    Timezone: DST
    Zodiac Sign: Aries
    Alts: I have too many to count, but you can always ask if that's me
    Interests: Anime, Random stuff, playing the piano, drawing


    I am a little creepy, because I talk about Death and Blood a lot but I am friendly

    My Thread come and talk to me in it.

    I am straight

    I can be a little disturbing and depressed sometimes.

    Main Quotev account=YuichiroDraco (but I have alts)

    I also like Cake
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    violagal12 Junior
    name: Vio violet vi (all things you can call me
    age: 14
    personality: normally bubbly and happy but i have been hitting a depressing part of my personality often

    i like too draw play viola and make friends

    i love animals and roleplays

    thats all i can think of so find me in my official thread "the sorrow of the roses"
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    Cats17 Novice
    Remaking mine))

    General Info
    Name: Not telling you, and if you know, don't say
    Nickname: Was going to be Ken, but might as well be Cats
    Age: 13
    Personality: People describe me different ways depending on who you ask
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Pronouns: She/her
    Location: Somewhere in the USA. If you know the state, county, etc, don't tell any new users
    Contact: Used to share email but now I won't. If you know it don't share it

    Favorite things
    Animal: Mountain lion
    Food: Eat whatever I can
    Game: Pokemon, Minecraft or Skyrim
    Color: Black
    Book series: Warriors
    OC of mine: Moonclaw or Drakestorm

    Other: Probability that I could leave soon = 90%
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    Ravenmyth Novice
    Remaking mine.))

    Name: Undisclosed
    Nicknames: Hello! I joined on an account under the name of White Lie, but I now have a lot of alts. You might as well call me Soul, Raven, Lies, or really anything. I'm good with whatever.
    Pronouns: He/him, but I’m fine with they/them as well.
    I like the color black. I’m getting back into watching anime again! ^^ If you need to contact me, you can on Quotev: Pawnsfall. Sometimes I disappear for a long while with no warning. Usually if it’s around 12:00 CST or something like that, it’s for lunch. I roleplay frequently. <3 That's all.
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    Name: none of your business

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    Personality: serious, sometimes hardworking, underated, introvert, secretive, full of surprises,

    Potterhead (but no one knows).

    Favourite colour: Gray

    Favourite number: 7

    Favourite letter: E

    Favourite food: probably pizza idk

    Favourite drink: pure water

    Blood status: Muggle-born (mudblood)

    Top favourite books: Harry Potter, The Book Thief, Les Miserables.

    Favourite films: Harry Potter and more...

    Favourite subject: Mathematics, Geography (only the states part).

    Least favourite subject: P.E.

    Things I'm good at: music, maths, Harry Potter, art, PSYCHOLOGY.

    Things I'm bad at: every single sport.
    doing this honestly made me feel some kind of relief and happy which is weird.
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    Jayfeather310 Senior


    about me! ❀. 🐰.

    name: emy
    pronouns: she/her
    birthday: march 10th
    mbti type: infp-t


    more! ❀. 🐰.

    interests: gaming,
    reading, roleplaying,
    writing, etc.

    life goals: major in
    psychology, become a
    child psychologist or
    school counselor and/or
    pursue a career in writing


    things i really like! ❀. 🐰.

    ☁ angelcore, dollcore, and
    other similar aesthetics

    ☁ animals! bunnies, bears,
    puppies, etc.

    ☁ elder scrolls v: skyrim

    ☁ grey, pink, white, and
    other light/pastel colors

    ☁ melanie martinez, and
    many other musical artists

    ☁ psychological and/or
    philosophical topics


    social media! ❀. 🐰.

    contact me in my thread if
    you'd like to add/follow me
    on any social platforms! ✧

    click one of the ribbons to
    teleport to my thread! ☁


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    I have to mention that today is my birthday so I'm 13 now. Yes I was born in 7 February 2008.
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    ShadowClawVIP Experienced
    ✩Name✩: Jake

    ✩Age✩: 15 (12 Sep 2005)

    ✩Gender✩: Male

    ✩Favourite Colour✩: Purple

    ✩Favourite Animal✩: Wolf
    ✩Favourite Mythical Creature✩: Ghoul

    ✩Star Sign✩: Virgo

    ✩About my star sign✩: Virgos are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and isn't afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice.

    ✩Hobbies✩: Singing, Gaming, Tik Tok, Guitar, Art, Social Media

    ✩What Life Means To Me✩: Life is meant to be fun ^_^

    ✩My Spirit Animal(September)✩: Grey Wolf

    ✩Relationship Status✩: Not quite there yet...

    ✩Sexuality✩: Straight

    ✩Favourite Music Genre✩: Rock/Metal/Emo/Punk

    ✩Official Thread✩

    ✩Hopes✩: To find a friend who I can chill with and have fun ^_^

    ✩Place Of Birth✩: Sheffield, England, UK
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    LilBeanie Newbie
    ~♡ n a m e♡~

    • m i a


    ~♡n i c k n a m e s♡~

    • m i m i - m a i - l i l - b e a n - b e a n i e


    ~♡a g e♡~

    • 1 4


    ~♡b i r t h d a y♡~

    • n o v e m b e r - 18


    ~♡a p p e a r a n c e♡~

    • b l o n d e - b r o w n e y e s


    ~♡f a v o r i t e - c o l o r♡~

    • s a p h i r e - b l u e
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    abbysummers Newbie
    name: abby
    age: thirteen
    bday: ummmm too personal
    gender: female

    time zone: Seattle (8:49am)

    -I am a girl
    -I have long hair
    I am the only child
    -boys hate me and use me:(
    -I love pink blue and rainbow
    -im wierd

    I have the following:

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    Cinnamon_Roll Newbie
    Name: Elsa

    Age: 13

    Pronouns: she/her

    Personality: Introverted, creative, smart & clever

    Interests: writing, reading, creating OCs for different fandoms, listening to music (alternative is my favorite genre)
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    Gacha_Summer Junior
    Remaking mine))


    Summers, Gacha, Sum Sum, Chummer

    If you know, keep it private from newer users.

    Pronouns (Order of preference)?
    He/Him (Don’t use these unless told otherwise.)


    I don’t usually use labels anymore, but I’m currently debating between Pansexual, Bisexual, Polymarous and Asexual.

    ~I have not been diagnosed with any disorders yet, and I probably never will until I turn 18.
    ~I have strict parents, so apologies if I disappear!
    ~If you’d like to roleplay, send me a request in my personal thread below!
    ~I am a multi-shipper, so BeWaRe!

    Alt Accounts!
    My Personal Directory!
    My Personal Thread!

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