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Thread Topic: Member Introduction Thread

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    Atticactus Newbie
    I'm remaking mine :D


    Name: I may or may not reveal this
    Internet Name: Ken
    Nicknames: Cats, Atticactus, Candy Cat, Catty Cane, Catmas, (and more because I keep getting more)
    Age: 13
    Birthday: October 15
    Grade: 7th; held back 1 year
    Location: KY, USA
    Time Zone: Central Standard Time Zone
    Original Account: Cats17
    Alts: The one I'm using, Black Catttttt, Kittenz17, Idiot001
    Adopted Accounts: Atticus
    Original Join Date: September 12th, 2020
    Interests/hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing and rping
    Favorite color: Black
    Favorite animal: Mountain lion (cougar)
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    FaeSoulGirl Novice
    Age -15
    Time zone-EST
    Original account-JackieSparrow*I don't use it anymore*
    Intrests- horseback riding, horses, chickens, reading, writing
    Favorite color- Seafoam green
    Favorite animal- horse
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced
    Re-doing mine!))

    Name: Spice, Sprink, Spoce, etc.
    Age: Well, you'll just have to figure that out, now won't you?
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: She/her, but I don't really care lol
    Common Alts: Spice and TheStageBeast, but Easter and Cactus pop up every now and then


    Likes: Thunderstorms, roleplays, writing/reading, drawing, playing games, chatting, the color blue, animals, WC, magpies, making characters, and much, much more!
    Dislikes: Sharing information about myself, trolls (don't we all~), being a normal, regular human being, etc.


    Traits (+): Friendly, outgoing, creative, clever, friend-shaped, etc.
    Traits (-): Very, VERY annoying and memey. I'm also very weird :P


    Other: Come talk to me in the Spice Rack 2 <3

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