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    Hunter farms Novice
    Name: Anastasia
    Age: 20 {roughly}
    Accounts: 2
    Favorite websites: Howrse
    Interest: horses, dogs, drawing
    Future job wish: lawyer/interior designs
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    Parista Novice
    Name • Paris
    Nicknames • Parista, Eve, Neko, Cho
    Pronouns • She/her

    Interests and Hobbies
    • Anime
    • Manga
    • Visual novels
    • Games
    • Drawing/sketching
    • Cooking and baking
    • Dancing! Ballet :)
    • Singing
    • Listening to music
    • Swimming

    About Me

    I'm Paris, but you can call me any nicknames or even give me a new one because I think that's really fun sooo... I found this site through my brother Jaden who doesn’t even come on >:(

    I’m a teenager and I like to hang out and have fun like most other teens, but I'm not wild or anything LOL

    I like anime and manga! Most games I play are of that genre as well. I'm really into romance so that’s what I like to read, but I don't read very often. Drawing is fun and my art is slowly improving! :D

    I also like beauty and aesthetics, but I don't really know if I've found mine yet!
    I LOVE dancing and I've been taking ballet (and some jazz) classes since I was just a toddler. I'm also on a dance team! :)

    If you'd like to contact me outside of GTQ, just ask me for my socials in a thread I'm active in.

    That's about it! 💛💕
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    Name: Rebecca Daisy
    Nicknames: Becca, Bee, Daisy
    I prefer to be called Daisy!
    Pronouns: she/her
    Age: 13-17 (minor)

    ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿ ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿

    Interests: gardening, drawing,
    some anime, video games,
    fashion (soft, cottagecore, etc),
    nature, singing, dancing,
    and I also looooooove tea ♡

    ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿ ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿

    About Me + Facts

    I have been taking ballet
    and jazz dance classes
    since I was four years old

    I am very dedicated to the
    things I love. I tend to be a
    very righteous person too

    I am religious, but I don’t
    usually discuss it unless
    it’s with someone close

    Daisies are my favorite
    flowers because I have
    been obsessed with them
    ever since I was little. ❀

    My favorite colors are
    yellow, green, and blue
    I like cool and natural
    tones ~

    I am an ambivert, but
    lean more towards the
    introverted side

    ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿ ✿•✿•✿•✿•✿

    If you'd like to chat, you are
    welcome! I'm always up for
    conversation. Anyone may
    post in my thread as long
    as they are respectful!
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    LonelyFaith Advanced
    Hey! WowCrazyInsane here!
    Name: Ellie
    Nicknames: E, or any variations of WowCrazyInsane
    Age: 14
    Sexuality: Bi but I like girls more :P
    Pronouns: she/her, they/them. I honestly don't care.
    Timezone/Location: Central Standard Time, and I live in Texas.
    Alt Accounts: CrazyDrago, UnexistingNerd, tinylittlelizard, TheBeardedDragon, EllieCatDragon, Luxio, AmethystMoon, AmberFlame, ObviouslyAWeirdo, Tragic, Sad And Alone, Panic, Desolate, Regret_, Drastic, Exotic, Anticlimactic, Kymara Doragon, Camryn Rose, Katana Kunoichi, Flare_Glow, Supreme Worm, LonelyFaith, Sword Akira, Lennox, Glyndwr, Melina, Yukine, Ulani, Coffins, Fade to Blue, and Stitched Veins. More are always being made lol.

    Interests: Writing, painting, gaming, and swimming.

    Life Goals: I'd like to eventually be a published writer, but for my actual job, I want to be a marine biologist.

    I'm 5'4 and a half
    I wear glasses
    I have a bearded dragon, Ezzie, who is the light of my life.
    I have two snakes as well, names Waffle and Jake.
    My favorite band is Twenty One Pilots
    I like singing but can't do it in front of people in real life
    My favorite video games are The Sims 4, Rocket League, Ark, and Skyrim.
    I've started writing nine books, but have only finished one. I already have another idea for a tenth, but I need to finish the others first. I'm very bad at finishing books.

    My Personal Thread Directory! Find me in my official thread located in there!

    Contacts: Discord @ WowCrazyInsane #8025, and just ask me for my Quotev

    And that's it! Thanks for reading!
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    Flamedrop_88 Novice
    Name: Cooper
    Nicknames: Flame, Flamedrop, etcetera.
    Pronouns: He/him, they/them
    Age: 14, at the moment
    Birthday: November 27th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Timezone: Pacific
    Current Career: Server

    Interests: Dragons, becoming a publisher, gaining knowledge, etcetera.

    I have one dog named Copper, as well as two snakes named Spruce and Coyote.
    My favorite games is both Ark and Skyrim.
    My favorite band is Twenty Øne Piløts.
    I'm 5'7½.
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    funniebunnie01 Hot Shot

    I have been apart of GTQ since i was 12. I took quite a long break from this site for quite some time, and there are many new faces that I don't quite know, so I figured I'd introduce myself for those of you who I haven't yet gotten to meet.

    Nicknames: Ann, FB
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Age: 19
    Timezone: MST
    -I am a big writer [i love poetry and fiction]
    -i have been playing music since i was 11
    -i am currently in college for a music aa degree
    -i want to get more into soaping, so if you'd like to soap feel free to hit me up!
    -Here is my personal thread that i've been posting in. i like to talk and post aesthetic things so feel free to join!
    -here is where i plan on posing so poetry if you're interested

    there are other ways to contact me via like wattpad, discord, etc and i'd love to get in contact with you guys on there if we become friends ^~^
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    Gacha_Summer Novice
    < Redoing mine! >

    Name: Summer or Sunny!
    Nicknames: Summers, Chummer, Sum Sum
    Pronouns: She/They (AKA, Demi-girl!)
    Age: 13
    Timezone: Pacific
    Sexuality: Questioning, bisexual at the moment

    ALT Accounts
    SunnyWolf, CrazyShipper

    ~ I love Gaming! (EX: Roblox, Minecraft, Gacha Life, Etc.)
    ~ I’ve been Dancing for 6 1/2 years!
    ~ I sometimes Sing!
    ~ I have a thing for Drawing!

    <<<<<< Other >>>>>>

    -I love roleplay!
    -I have a cat named Snickers!
    -I’m in 15 fandoms! ;w;
    -I have a brother and 3 sisters!
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    cHiLL GrAhaM Newbie

    Name: Graham
    Age: 14
    Nicknames: Cooler than Bryan, Salami
    Pronouns: I’m a dude

    Lives: Texas
    - We have 2 houses ig
    - I’m wayyy cooler than Bryan
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    VioletFuneral Newbie

    I go by Krystal IRL
    I am 23
    I am a female
    I love heavy metal music and horror movies, though I do enjoy other genres from time to time for both.
    I made an account just for fun, and I'm pretty bored so why not.

    I'm just here to hang out and chill so yeah.
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    Hi! I'm new-ish. I had another account, but I forgot the password so I made this one.
    I'm 13.
    I love reading mysteries, music, and 90s sitcoms.
    You can call me slytherincatlove.
    I'm a girl.
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    DarkMinds Advanced
    ★ name: axel ronnie
    ★ age: 20
    ★ location: florida, usa!! specifically south florida, so think culture but also yeehaws and also crackheads. i get the best parts of all florida in my little old town 🥰
    ★ pronouns: he/they
    ★ race&ethnicity: black, haitian american 🖤
    ★ sexuality: bi
    ★ interests: art, creative writing, social media, music,dark fashion, theater, film. i’m just an art-tastic being!! 🖤 for specifics, just know that i am 100% emo in taste. i love wearing grunge/eboy clothes. and i love video games and stuff so pen me down as a huge dork too 🙈
    ★ occupation: currently, university!! i am a film school student!! online because of covid, but i’m stationed at Full Sail 🥰
    ★ spiritual, some witchcraft, etc 🖤
    ★ extra: i am really open about my life, struggles, mental illness [bipolar disorder, and PTSD] and i’m equally open to being there for others❣
    ★social media: instagram@ronniesbloodynose|snapchat@barakactus|discord: ronnied!ed#2114

    > i am a moderator, by the way; my mod account is axelbeans! i’d use it as my main but, of course, it’s a low level LOL. come to me if you have any problems to sort!!
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    LordDark Advanced
    Hello hello, fellow forum users!

    For those of you who may not recognize this account, I joined the website as Dark22978. I've been here since May 8, 2012. I have no idea how long I plan to stick around, but I figured it was time to stop being afraid of the past and come exist with y'all.

    Nicknames: Dark, Jill, Ian
    Age: 18+
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

    Alternate Accounts
    My "Official Thread"

    ★ I am a GTQ moderator! My mod account is DarkIsTheCat. At the moment, I still consider myself to be inactive/on hiatus from the job, but I do still handle minor things when I can. I can't force myself to stop lol
    ✩ I am diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I am open to discussing these illnesses and offering support. I am better at listening than I am at giving advice, though!
    ★ I am extremely forgetful! If I disappear from a conversation, I promise it's not you, it's me and my scrambled brain.
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    violagal12 Novice
    Hello yall <3

    nicknames: Vio or sweet potatoe (thank you cats and spice)
    age: 14 (all be that in 7 days so)
    pronouns: she/her
    time zone: eastern time

    i love talking please visit my most recent thread called "just talk"
    i have. anxiety and autism im open to talk about both
    i hope to make more friends then i have <3
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    Emolady23456 Novice
    Hi I'm Emolady23456 and I am here to tell you all about me
    I have a ton of alts including my main Emowoman.
    Please friend me on Avakin Life @Wolfygirl201000 and Roblox @Icycatgirl2020.
    I am 14 years old.
    I live in Tokyo, Japan right now. I am soon moving back to America.
    I love anime and boys.
    I love art and reading.
    I'm a quite, shy young lady who doesn't be around lots of people and doesn't like loud noises.
    I have spoken Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish with no problem.
    I was born in April making me an Aries.
    I have 1 sibling and that's my younger sister.
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    Remaking this.
    My name is Snow Flake. You can call me Snow or Sparkle.
    I am 16.
    I love to sing, and i have written 3 songs so far
    I can speak many languages. Pidgin, English, Itsekiri, and a bit of French.
    Hey! I'm super friendly! You can talk to me anytime you want.
    I am always busy so i [i]'hop[i/] in and out from here
    It's 7:39pm

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