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  • Chaos's Abyss
    "I avoid them any way I can"
  • Kris, come here.
    ""Driftwood, or wood from palm trees, but that would just kill off our food supply… so driftwood.""
  • Chaos's Abyss
    "Is it just me, or are breakout rooms seriously awkward"
  • "( :') ) "You might not want to head out yet," Illumina warned. "The sun's fallen. There's going to be creepers everywhere. I a"
  • Kristallnacht
    "Yeah, Eret said it originally Can we all just agree that SAD-ist is amazing"
  • Kris, come here.
    "Arlo definitely agreed now. He wasn’t used to this abundance of swearing. "Yeah. A raft would definitely work—help us find our way to civili"
  • ""He does seem fit to be a serial killer, honestly," Illumina admitted. "I can definitely see that vibe inside of him. And I'll have to go on..."
  • Kris, come here.
    ""Yeah," Arlo agreed, though he was thinking, Who sails by a small island? We’d have to wait a couple weeks for the latter to work."
  • Chaos's Abyss
    "Oh, thanks! ^w^"
  • Kris, come here.
    "Arlo was quick to comfort her. "We can still make it work, though. We'll build a raft if we have to. This can’t get any worse, right? We’ll "
  • "Illumina shrugged. "Up to you. I've got a bounty on my head, so like I said, hanging out with me isn’t the best idea, but you do you." He si"
  • Kris, come here.
    ""Hopefully, but we’d get cut off. I don’t know what happens when your minute passes when you’re in a call." Arlo frowned, suddenly very inte"
  • Chaos's Abyss
    "I'm definitely interested Let me find them"
  • Chaos's Abyss
    "U^U I'm proud of you as well I hope you’re having fun with your ukulele :3"
  • Chaos's Abyss
    "Good, you?"

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