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  • "There are diseases that we have never heard of before, they are rare and strange, and as Muslims we have to read about them to realize God's..."
  • "Hijrah from Mecca to Madinah order from allah to the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him because Qur"
  • "Anger, negative thinking and stress are considered destructive factors for the health of heart and body, So Islam orders us to stay away and..."
  • "Eid ul Adha commences on the 10th day of Dhul Hijjah. For those who are not at the pilgrimage, it begins with an extra early morning prayer ..."
  • "Hajj Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam, Allah has imposed on the Muslims in the sixth year Hijri, one of the best works,"
  • "Consider, first, how to cross the Koran by movement of the sun, the Almighty says: (38) And the sun runs [on course] toward its stopping poi..."
  • "In a precedent, which is unprecedented, enabling scientists of space at Harvard University, Edo Berger, from monitoring the explosions of ga..."
  • "Even with modern science and recent discoveries about the universe, scientists have confessed their limited knowledge and understanding of t..."
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  • "Allah Almighty says: (Allah is He Who raised the heavens without any pillars that you can see) ] Al Raed, 2. [I would like, he"
  • "The scientists have studied the Universe with its stars, dusts, galaxies and smoke, but they have found out that the motion of these galaxie..."
  • "Allah almighty says about day of resurrection: (Whoever hopes for the Meeting with Allah, then Allah's Term is surely coming and He is the A..."
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  • "A synthetic version of the compound - pseudin-2 - could be used to produce new drugs, delegates at the Diabetes UK annual conference heard...."

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