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  • "Nor is it in the ability of any human being to place a perfect law based upon justice, equality, mercy and objectivity for all human activit..."
  • "Muhammad the son of `Abdullah is Allah's Prophet and the Final Messenger Sent by Allah to the Inhabitants of Earth. My brothers"
  • "Muhammad (pbuh) is prophesised in the book of Isaiah: It is mentioned in the book of Isaiah chapter 29 vers"
  • "thanks brothers for sharing \\\ Muhammad ibn (son of) Abdullah ibn (son of) Abdul Mutalib, was born on 12 Rabi 'Awwal in "
  • "After many studies on athletics, scientists have found that people who used to practice jogging or walking, have muscles and knees in a good..."
  • ", why?.....… Scientists say that sleeping on the left side is not favored, as the heart would be under the pressure of the right lung,"
  • "For many years atheists used to criticize this likening, but the scientific researches had proved the accuracy of the verses of Qur’an …"
  • " "
  • "if we revert to the Holy Quran, we will find the divine order for people to eat the lawful foods which Allah, the Almighty Had created for t..."
  • "7) Referring to the letter such as some types of minerals and industry, said Lord— (12) And to Solomon [We subjected] the wind "
  • "Preferred to Muslims and Arabs on the West Sun of the Muslims and Arabs Shines on the West The most important science"
  • " | "
  • "There are diseases that we have never heard of before, they are rare and strange, and as Muslims we have to read about them to realize God's..."
  • "Hijrah from Mecca to Madinah order from allah to the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him because Qur"
  • "Anger, negative thinking and stress are considered destructive factors for the health of heart and body, So Islam orders us to stay away and..."

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