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    care_bear19 Senior
    Name : Cade/Caden

    Age: 21 in a few days

    Pronouns: he/him (trans ftm)

    Alt accounts: I think i gave them all away except one which is Momentless

    Interests: Music, Science, Pharmacy, Writing, etc

    Life goals: To finish my degree and begin my work as a trauma therapist

    Other: I have DID... πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
    I took a break from this website for a long time
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    olivia H Newbie
    Name: Olivia H
    age: 13
    pronouns: she/her
    alt: idk
    interest: nails, shopping, clothes, chatting, pintereest,
    life goals: 2 get a girl bestie:)
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    ello Senior
    since mine disappeared

    name: johnnie
    nicknames: ello, lloyd, anything that's not disrespectful
    pronouns: he/him/pasta lord
    relationship: β™₯ my girlfriend
    age: 16 in two months
    school: sophomore in high school
    alt: spoon, johnnykills
    interests: zelda, anime, childish things, bubbles, pokemon, memes

    -i play a few online games, but have yet to find anyone to play them with
    -i love to sketch
    -i struggle with mental problems, i apologise if i set you off or upset you
    -f--- you
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    whatami123 Newbie
    Name: Elizabeth
    Age: 13
    Interests: Cooking, writing, listening to music

    I LOVE the vampire diaries & the office :)

    Likes: foxes, watching YT videos, FOOD

    Life goals: to be more confident (I'm kinda shy), and eat healthier

    Other facts about me:
    - I am the middle child (I have 2 sisters)
    - My favorite color is blue
    - I have a huge sweet tooth lol (I will literally eat anything sweet, especially ice cream)
    - I love pizza
    - I have always had major low-self esteem, idk why i think so badly about myself
    - Anyway, that's all, lol.
    - That's all, lol
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    Rainfall Novice
    Name: Hunter (I already revealed myself)
    Nicknames: Rain, Hunt
    Pronouns: He/him
    Sexuality: Straight
    Interests: Painting, any kind of art, animals, nature

    Life Goals: I want to become a veterinarian hopefully!

    Other Fun Facts:

    - I’m lazy, but super chill :/
    - I’m more outgoing on the internet than I am in real life, I’m actually kinda shy
    - I like basketball and soccer
    - My favorite class is art
    - My favorite academic is History or English
    - I’m stupid sometimes πŸ˜…
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    Daffodils Newbie
    I AM an alt account! I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea and thinking I’m trying to impersonate someone that I’m not. 🧑

    You can just call me Lucy! It’s sort of a variant for one of my nicknames. My pronouns are she/her as well. πŸ‚

    This account is being used as a way to escape. I feel more care-free and comfy posting anonymously. 🍁
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    Name - Hope
    Nicknames - Eclipsestar, Eclipse, Hopie, etc.
    Pronouns - She/her
    Sexuality - Unknown
    Timezone/Location - Pacific, I live in Idaho

    Interests - I love writing! It's my dream to become an author! I also love drawing, reading, gaming, training dogs, etc.

    Life goals - My dream job would to become a famous, descriptive author, or a lawyer.

    Other facts ~

    - I've had rough experiences with trust
    - I'm very quiet in real life, but I'm rather talkative online
    - I'm an introvert
    - I'm a tomboy
    - I can be stupid/rude sometimes
    - I'm unpredictable
    - My real name isn't Hope, but my name means hope
    - I'm very sarcastic, and sometimes I can't tell when people are joking
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    Hi! I haven't properly introduced myself yet, but-

    Name: Brody
    Nicknames: Owl, Bro, Duo
    Age: 15
    Sexuality: Straight
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Interests: I like to draw cars and play video games!
    Other Stuff: Nothing much, that's me!
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    lulucole1248 Newbie
    I'm Bella
    I'm 17 yrs old
    I'm old
    I like Hamilton.
    Discord: i piss people off#0102
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    Old Greg Advanced
    i’m old greg
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    RAND0M Newbie
    well i see all of these huge descriptions about everyone lol i should go more in depth i dont think anyone cares though.
    Name: Jasmine
    Nickname: Kakashi, Sensei those are separated
    Age: 16
    Timezone: Central
    Sexuality: straight as a ruler

    video games,
    Drill (JROTC) which is basically marching and im on the armed team do we use rifles,
    idk ig i like counting money i find a certain joy in that

    the games i play online are Overwatch(mostly pretty much a sweat or try-hard but i have fun) Bo3/4, Forza Horizon 3 (i dont like 4), minecraft, Rainbow 6 siege, ark, might get gta5 idk

    more about me:
    Height: 5'3
    i like anime
    i am just overall a very chill person
    i dont judge people as a first reaction
    im not very shy on or offline
    would like to get a degree in aviation and become a fighter pilot
    my friends say im funny. dont know funny i am online but i still tend to make my friends laugh on xbox alot
    most of my friends are guys, i feel like thats just who i associate myself with idk why but i am nice to everyone unless youre mean to me for no reason then im like "okay we're fixing that"

    so yeah thats me enjoy!
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    BlackRockStar Newbie
    Hey sup all

    My name is BlackRockStar, you can call me what you want
    I'm a guy
    I live in USA
    I like playing guitar, skateboarding, hanging out with friends, some other stuff i can't remember right now
    I don't go to school
    I'm in a band
    I have a tattoo
    I have a bearded dragon called Khaki
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    Keno Killjoy Newbie
    Name: keno killjoy lol
    Age: 19
    Pronouns: male
    Interests: writing, skating, guitar, fashion(ish), fighting
    Life goals: dunno

    Hey guys
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    Name: denis
    Age: 14
    B-day: April 21
    Hobbies: ARSON, GENOCIDE
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    ChameleonLeap Experienced
    Name: Rebecca
    Nicknames: Becky, Reba, Becca, Cham, Leap, Forest
    Age: 13
    Timezone/Location: Central, I live in Texas
    Appearance: Short. I have relatively wavy/curly slight ombrΓ© hair. I have dark honey eyes and some freckles on my face, my hair’s about past shoulder length.

    Other Contacts

    Discord: Fincheroni#5553
    Quotev: TheSpaciousCouch283/Fincheroni
    Steam: PixelChameleon


    -I LOVE Fritos
    -I have a dog named Paco, and two guinea pigs named Berry and Sprout
    -I love digital art
    -I enjoy spending time outside
    -I’m kinda random
    -I’m pretty chill, either until you annoy me, or I get into a topic of interest
    -I’m SUPER extra πŸ‘€

    Personal Threads

    Chameleon Country - My personal thread, come chat with me anytime!
    The Chameleon Studio - Pretty much my art gallery
    The Chameleon Shelves - Constructive criticism welcomed, a collection of my short stories!
    Cham’s Alts - All of my alts are listed here!

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