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    " Pls take this quiz so I can level the account up ..."
  • Execute the Homos
    "Thank thank :)"
  • Execute the Homos
    "Thanks ! I'd love to try it myself if you happen to find some good recipes"
  • Execute the Homos
    "Lmk how it goes!"
  • Execute the Homos
    "You could try??? Theres probably recipes online for the teas too that you could find !"
  • Execute the Homos
    "Yesss i love it sooo muchh"
  • Execute the Homos
    "You should see if you can try some at some point :) and boba/bubble tea. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on them"
  • Execute the Homos
    " That's what egg pudding looks like ^^ Om"
  • Execute the Homos
    " It looks like this! It's a cold tea drink w tapioca p"
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    "08.10.2020 We handled a few trolls today. Please remember to avoid interacting with them as much as possible! You can report tr"
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    "If you need a screenshot of the post, the moderators are happy to provide one for you, momentary. For future reference, please remember not ..."
  • esmie's thread <3
    "If you feel like you're in danger of doing something, please don't hesitate to call a helpline or reach out to somebody who may be able to h..."
  • Execute the Homos
    "Ate too much ! ):"
  • Execute the Homos
    "It's cold todayy"
  • "Mission accomplished:)"

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