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  • Hey
    "Finally a Korean person :P"
  • hi guys
  • hi guys
    "Gotta make more sushi ttyl"
  • hi guys
    "Oh i see"
  • hi guys
    "Wait, it isn't?"
  • hi guys
    "Oh noice Hope it's good"
  • The Kujuto Household
  • hi guys
    "What u having? I got sushis"
  • hi guys
    "Fine. Back for now"
  • hi guys
    "Anyway gonna get lunch so ttyl"
  • hi guys
  • hi guys
    "Not much has happened recently"
  • hi guys
    "i see"
  • Guess the word
    "Squid game?"
  • hi guys
    "Oh, i see. How've you been doing?"

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