how much do you know about the 90s?

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This is a quiz you can take to see how much yo know about 1990-2000.Are you a nineties pro? If you want to know, Find out here....... comment what you get.

The nineties was a fun era full of tamagotchis, , bikes, wired telephones, and antiskip protection scams. Take this to see how much you know about it.

Created by: quizmaster12345

  1. what does AOL stand for?
  2. what do you put in a vcr?
  3. where would you find a nice movie?
  4. who sings 'smells like teen spirit?'
  5. whats a station wagon?
  6. how would ou rewind a cassete?
  7. complete: be kind, ______.
  8. how many pictures does kodak camera take?
  9. who is hanson?
  10. who is the fresh prince?
  11. who was the lead singer in the rolling stones?
  12. Whats a cassette

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the 90s?