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  • Level Flame Up!
    [published: Oct 12, 2020, 2 comments]

    Jeejjeejjeejejejejejjemsmsmdmdmmdmdmdj siakakammwmncncncnc skakakwkwkskmdmdmd alaoaowowowoww skakwokaksksmdmdmdmd…

  • Hey hey its Bryan!
    [published: Oct 6, 2020, 2 comments]

    Hello! My name's Bryan and I'm 14. I play football and basketball. I’m pretty good at other sports and I…

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    "What’s in the package?"
  • "Graham"
  • Vote for Trump!
    "Truth is based off of perspective"
  • So I have a question
    "Some police just need to be educated better, but you never know what they’re going to do until they do something."
  • Hi
    "I’m good. Hey"
  • Hi
    "Oh cool"
  • Hi
    "Happy birthday!!!!!"
  • Hi
  • My GTQ crush
  • Quotev! :D
    "Talking to people, I guess. I was able to find Cham’s thing"
  • My GTQ crush
    "I’m sad she left 😔"
  • I'm Leaving
  • My GTQ crush
    "Yeah she’s super sweet"
  • My GTQ crush
    "I kind of had one. I still like her but she kind of left 😅😅"

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