Hey hey its Bryan!

Hello! My name's Bryan and I'm 14. I play football and basketball. I’m pretty good at other sports and I really just need a place to chill. I live in Texas, which is big on football.

This is my first quiz! So if it’s bad..... don’t come after me lol. I need to fill up these paragraphs so I’m just going to spam a bit. I also may invite my friends from football to this website!

Created by: BurningFlame

  1. Here are some things so whoever the quiz-taker is can get to know me better!
  2. I’m 14
  3. I play football in school, and I’m actually good at it
  4. My dogs name is Roadle
  5. I’m pretty tall. My hair is dark brown and my eyes are a blue green color.
  6. My name irl is Bryan if it wasnt obvious
  7. I found this quiz through quotev
  8. I saw a random quiz about it lol
  9. That’s all about me
  10. Hi
  11. Bells

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