Football, nothing more

There are people who know about football, some who don't some 'your choice' questions which don't matter, and things like that, but the ones that do matter, you should give a try, who knows these puzzles and jokes and stuff like that, as well as lots of other exciting things like that.

Here, you can find out whether you are a fantastic football expert, and once you've started the quiz, you shouldn't stop, because you won't get a result. So take the quiz.

Created by: Nath
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  1. Which football team do you support?
  2. Which football player do you like most?
  3. Which position do you play football in? Only answer this if you play football.
  4. Which number would you have on your shirt?
  5. Which team would you play for if you were given the choice?
  6. I am now going to ask stupid questions (still about football) Will you proceed?
  7. Weapons Store
  8. Anyone for Tennis
  9. Put underground
  10. Royal glass house
  11. Car and a holiday house
  12. Prickly seed case from a Chinese dynasty with meat in a large town
  13. Some odd town in the middle of nowhere
  14. Some West Midlands town that doesn't even have a signpost for Spaghetti Junction
  15. Some anonymous barnacle of the A1
  16. We can now finish

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