The Texas Quiz: Should you live there?

This is another version of Where should you live in The U.s.a, but with a twist. PintoStorm wanted me to make a new quiz with Texas, so That's what I did! Be brave like him/her and do that if you want your quiz to be online!

Now where should you live? Texas? Now see if your qualified to do that. This is the one and only Texas inspired quiz I know, so this is your one and only shot to find out!

Created by: Ms. Random
  1. Do you like big sunglasses?
  2. Do you like living in a big place?
  3. Do you mind tourists?
  4. are you okay living in a tornado/wildfire place?
  5. small quiz fact about the area: Which is a town in Texas?
  6. HowdY!
  7. Do you want to live in Texas?
  8. will you comment?
  9. will you rate?
  10. Thanks PintoStorm for inspiring me to make this quiz! Now the quiz is over.

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Quiz topic: The Texas Quiz: should I live there?