How well do you know San Antonio Texas?

This is a quiz to determine how much you truly know about San Antonio Texas. You will most likely be surprised or shocked with the questions and answers. This is the real San Antonio. This is what you do NOT know.

Ready to be shocked? I bet the results will shock you. If you do not trust this quiz, please visit city statistic websites to prove that everything posted in this quiz is as accurate as it gets.

Created by: Melanie
  1. What is San Antonio's average income?
  2. Does Texas have a HIGHER income than San Antonio itself?
  3. How many sex offenders are there per person in San Antonio as of 2009?
  4. What's the highest percentage race living in San Antonio?
  5. What percentage of San Antonio is in poverty?
  6. Is the average cost of living lower or higher than the state average?
  7. Does San Antonio have a lower income than the average American income?
  8. How many people are there per sq. mile?
  9. What's the most common occupation for females in San Antonio?
  10. What's the most common occupation for males in San Antonio?
  11. Fact: San Antonio is San Antonio is #1 in rising crime rate as of 2009. It it said that there are more gangs arising each year within the city. *This will not influence your results.
  12. How many stars is San Antonio's average apartment rated?
  13. San Antonio has a very high crime rate.
  14. How many people are a victim of a crime in San Antonio?
  15. Hopefully this will expand your knowledge and educate you.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know San Antonio Texas?