the joesph w mcvey quiz

became a province of Mexico after the Mexican War of Independence.[35] Texas became the northern section of 1824. Spain's policy of allowing only full-blooded Spaniards

did not resettle Texas until two decades had passed.[20] Spain returned to East Texas in 1716, establishing missions and a presidio to maintain a buffer between New Spain and the territory of Louisiana.[21][22] Two years later, the first civilian settlement in Texas, San Antonio, was established as a way station between the missions and the rest

Created by: meeks

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  1. His whole life he been broke but he got tired of the feelin
  2. I'm battered by life, too rude to smile
  3. Ain't no running to the trunk, I got my pistol on me Cause ain't no telling when a b---- nigga, try to tun up on me
  4. Have my curse, while on this earth, cause I cant find better days
  5. Feddy, cold cash and a diamond ring, it's all about feddy when I rap sing
  6. Sometime I flip in a cream Caddy, sometime I flip in a Fleetwood
  7. I keep my middle finger pointed out at all times, lyrically Abuse somebody in all rhymes, indodging in felonious to the small crime
  8. This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through My treasures are laid out, somewhere beyond the blue
  9. I throw up Ridgemont 4, cause that's my hood
  10. Talk about the fame, bout the struggle talk about how long it took a nigga to bubble
  11. Place you in another dimension, nobody can see you now
  12. That's right b----, I'm a ignant son of a b---- And I do click quick
  13. Got to be true to the game, never new to the game A nigga did two and a half of the game, and I show no shame
  14. Could it be that I was too inoxicated and the words werent coming out early
  15. My mind just goes off and wonders, cause it ain't stable

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