Are You a Real New Mexican?

They call it the Land of Enchantment, the Sunshine State, Los Nortenos, but you may call it the place your car broke down on the way to Los Angeles. Test your knowledge of the most laid back state of the union, where "Manana" isn't just a way to put off work, its a lifestyle.

If you think you know what it means to be a New Mexican you can now prove it to all your primos. Take the test and in just a few minutes you can proudly proclaim that you are an honorary citizen of New Mexico.

Created by: Robert Cates

  1. What kind of junk truck is in your arroyo?
  2. Christmas decorations include which of the following?
  3. The Acequia Madre is:
  4. Santa Fe was founded in what year?
  5. Where was the first atomic bomb tested?
  6. Number of years New Mexico was a "kingdom" within Spain versus the number of years a "state" within Mexico.
  7. The problem with the phrase "Rio Grande River" is:
  8. You can always tell the out of state tourists because they:
  9. By law the "official state question" in New Mexico is "Red or Green?" What is the "official state answer"?
  10. What highway signs are you most likely to see every year at Good Friday.
  11. A "dust devil" is a
  12. When someone says a party is "an hour away" that means it is:
  13. New Mexicans hate Texans because
  14. The state's official cookie is the biscochito. This is funny because:
  15. The reason cockfighting was legal in New Mexico for so long was because it was
  16. The most expensive houses in the state are made of:
  17. The most popular breed of dog owned in the state is:
  18. Locals know that the "Taos Hum" is
  19. The nickname of "menudo", a stew made of beef tripe and spices, is
  20. Cowboy boots and bolo ties are considered

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Quiz topic: Am I a Real New Mexican?