Are you a Mexican?

There are many people out in the world today that try to be Mexican, but this quiz will tell you if you are a poser or if you are a true Mexican. you will soon find out take the quiz.

Do you think you are a Mexican, if so than take the quiz and you'll soon find out if you are or if you are not. The quiz will tell you if you are or not

Created by: Nick
  1. Have you seen the movie Once Upon A Time In Mexico?
  2. Do you or have you ever owned a lowrider?
  3. Do you or have you owned a pitbull?
  4. Do you know what vete a la mierda means?
  5. Do you speak spanish?
  6. Have you seen the movie Blood In Blood Out?
  7. Do you know who SPM is?
  8. Do you know who Lil Rob is?
  9. Do you hang out with Mexicans?
  10. Can you trill your R's?
  11. Have you heard of a gang called latin kings?
  12. How about 1sur3 surenos?
  13. Have you ever been to Mexico?
  14. Do you have any relatives that are Mexican?
  15. Are you a Mexican?
  16. Do you wear Dickies clothing?
  17. Do you like to eat at Mexican restaurants?
  18. Are you scared of INS?
  19. Do you know what the INS is?
  20. Do you have a greencard?
  21. Have you ever done landscaping?
  22. When you order food at a Mexican restaurant do you speak spanish to the waiter/waitress?
  23. Do you like lowriders?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Mexican?