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  • You are 19% Mexican! 19%

    You may just try to be Mexican. Maybe if you try harder you'll be Mexican but you'll never be anywhere near the race

    WRONG!! I am Mexican. Just cus I never heard what some of those things are doesent mean I'm not Mexican!

  • This is such a stereo typical test. I can guarantee 90% of Mexicans dont own a pit bull or a low rider and I can also guarantee that a lot of Mexicans dont know half the s--- on this test. This is sad

  • Ok just because I dont f---ing own a lowrider because they f---ing expensive and Mexicans cant afford that s---, and I noticed this s--- is a stereotypical test! But other than that this s--- is fake what ever you got is not real so dont deal bad if you did not get 100% and btw all answers are (YES)

    Jacobo Morales
  • to be a mexican is a state of mine,
    some people cross the border,
    some people never cross it,
    other, they carrie it on there back,
    if you don't know what I'm talking about,
    then, just maybe, your not a mexican,

    only a Patty, would ask, this type of question

    Immanuel "BUTCH" Villanuva-Alvarado
    OH, one more thing,
    YOUR MOHTER???!?!

  • This quiz is retarded, and if you scored low then don't feel bad if your rilly mexican cuz the dude who made this is probably not mexican. HIS QUIZ SUCKS.

    ~Alejandr a Sanchez-Gomez~

  • Omg I got 13 percent this can't be real is it??

  • Uhm I'm 100% /\/\3X!(an n I got 57% datz bull----!!!!!!!


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