How Mexican are you?

This quiz will test if you are as Mexican as you think you might be. It will ask various questions on the Mexican culture to test your knowledge and the amount of exposure you have had to it from the food, to music, and family.

Or perhaps you are not Mexican at all and know nothing about the culture or people and this will be your first time learning about it. Or perhaps you have been exposed to some of it the basics and you want to test how much it has been.

Created by: Graciela
  1. Where is Mexico?
  2. Que estoy diciendo?
  3. Have you ever been hit with a chancla?
  4. Are you or anyone in your family named Maria?
  5. On your birthday does your family sing Happy birthday?
  6. Do you eat tamales and champurrado for Christmas?
  7. Do you live at your best friends houses and call their parents mom and dad?
  8. Has the word guey ever left your mouth?
  9. Have you ever been questioned by the border patrol?
  10. What is a molcajete?
  11. Have you ever had Mariachi for your birthday?
  12. Do all your male relatives drink at family reunions? And end up dancing on a table nearly falling of with your aunt screaming for him to come down?
  13. Truthfully how many siblings do you have?
  14. Lastly do you have a favorite novela?

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Quiz topic: How Mexican am I?