how mexican are you

are you a well educated caucasian a steddy job and a good loving, and caring family or are you a jalepeno in bean dip selling roses and fruit on a random corner?

by the end of the quiz you will know wheather you are a saltine or a 5 pound burrito with a mexican flag toothpick sticking out of it. or if you are the perfect blen of safistication and brute force

Created by: lizmarh
  1. how many jose's do you know
  2. how do you start your car
  3. have you ever seen the "virgen de guadalupe" in your food
  4. do you know who the "virgen de guadalupe" is
  5. how many people live with you (include yourself)
  6. do you know any body named chuey
  7. how many siblings do you have
  8. what kind of shoe's do wear around the house
  9. there's gonna be a big party what shoe's do you put on
  10. what do you drive/gonna drive
  11. if you are mexican are you proud
  12. LA MIGRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. why did you take this quiz
  14. did you like it (no effect)

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Quiz topic: How mexican am I