How well do you know salvia?

How salvia savvy are you? Salvia is a powerful hallucinogenic that is not meant to be fiddled with. Make sure you know your stuff before you even go near this LSD-like drug.

Salvia has been used by Mexican shamans for hundreds of years, but lately it's been catching on as a recreational drug. But what's the RIGHT way to do salvia? Is it dangerous? What's the high like? Find out all this and more in the "How well do you know salvia?" quiz.

Created by: Danielle

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  1. Joe wants to try salvia. What is the first thing he should do?
  2. What is the name of the active ingredient in salvia?
  3. What temperature does Salvinorum A vapourize at?
  4. What kind of conditions should you smoke salvia in?
  5. 10X on a salvia package means:
  6. Salvia is restricted in:
  7. What are some long-term effects of salvia use?
  8. What should you expect of a salvia high?
  9. Where does salvia come from?
  10. Who has been using salvia for over 200 years?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know salvia?