Where is your Genius?

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There are many business savvy people, but few true business gurus. Gurus are, by far the know it alls after-all. What is a guru? A guru is someone who has an extremely clever mind, with the savvy and know how to be successful and strive in whatever they take on.

Are YOU a business genius? Do you have the what it takes to rock the stage? Can you declare you are the grand supreme when it comes to business savvy?

Created by: DirectPay
  1. My personal story has no place in my business.
  2. I re-assess my business goals.
  3. My products are unique.
  4. I have a firm grasp of who my direct competition is.
  5. I receive compliments on my logo and marketing collateral.
  6. I often utilize benefit-oriented messaging and calls to action.
  7. My brand is well known in my target market.
  8. Do you have an automated email delivery system (such as Mail Chimp, 1Shopping Cart, Swift Page, Infusionsoft, etc.)?
  9. I prefer to accept cash or checks over credit cards.
  10. I know when I have the most/least website traffic.
  11. Do you have a business website?
  12. I have a trusted team member who does my copywriting.
  13. How often do you send mailings to your list?
  14. I test new marketing approaches on a regular basis?
  15. I offer commissions to those who recommend your products/services?
  16. I work on cross-promotions
  17. I have links to social media pages on my website.
  18. Are you present on more than one social media site? (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc.)?
  19. Sometimes it takes me a while to respond to posts and feedback on my social media pages.
  20. Post to social media
  21. I track my social media efforts, including traffic and conversions.
  22. I get a lot of participation from my team in internal meetings.
  23. My team makes decisions collaboratively: everyone has to be "on-board."
  24. Differences of opinion are welcomed.
  25. Deadlines are frequently missed by my team members.

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