How Sewer Savvy Are You?

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There are many smart people, but how many are sewer savvy? Test your wastewater wit by taking our short quiz--we promise the information will be useful!

You wouldn't want to live a day without your sewer system, so wouldn't you like to know how much you know about taking care of it? Thanks to this great quiz, you can find out in a few minutes just how sewer savvy you are!

Created by: Arlington Water of Arlington Water Facebook Page
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  1. TRUE OR FALSE: Flushable wipes are flushable.
  2. If you're an Arlington resident, who should you call first if the sewer backs up at your house?
  3. TRUE OR FALSE: There is a dropoff station in Arlington where Arlington residents can drop off used cooking oil for free to be recycled.
  4. What is an SSO?
  5. TRUE OR FALSE: You should know where your sewer line is before planting a tree in your yard.
  6. TRUE OR FALSE: You can avoid clogged pipes by washing down the grease with hot water and dishwashing liquid.
  7. TRUE OR FALSE: It's okay to attached French drains and gutters to your sewer system.
  8. TRUE OR FALSE: You should only worry about keeping foods, oils, and grease out of your drain if you don't have a garbage disposal.
  9. TRUE OR FALSE: If you have a clogged sewer line, a safe and effective means of clearing the line is to drop your garden hose into the cleanout and run water through the line.
  10. TRUE OR FALSE: Arlington Water Utilities does not operate its own wastewater treatment plant.

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