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hi!!! I created are you a true fan of Fortnite, and so, I created another quiz just for you guys!!! this was not the recommendation from the last quiz, but still, I hope you enjoy it!!!

give me a good rating, and comment on my quiz, and also ran out of words so this is weird!!! I don't know what to do, but I'm just randomly typing like its no one's business!!!

Created by: thicc boi

  1. When was Google created?
  2. what is the keyboard sequence?
  3. Who is Larry Page?
  4. what was a unique thing about Steve Jobs?
  5. if you want to hide Fortnite (go check are you a true fan of fortnite) from your teacher, wich hotkey do you use?
  6. if you are working on a hard task and save your work the next time you use the device, what hotkey do you use?(windows users)
  7. how do you hack chrome-dino?
  8. wich is your default browser (if you don't know, go and sub 2 Mr beast ):this is not multi-choice, ok. ( :)
  9. who was the first Youtube video made by?
  10. last question: wich windows product would spawn tabs all over itself?

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Quiz topic: Am I Tech-Savvy?