Are you a Tech Savv or a Tech Sad

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We live in the Computer Age. Do you have the skills to survive in this world? How does your tech savvy compare to your peers? Is the "force" strong in you?

Do you have the basic computer skills to keep afloat in this ever-changing environment. Or will you drown slowly as you get left behind? Answer a few questions to find out! May the force be with you!

Created by: Techteacher

  1. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are all....
  2. An internet browser is most like....
  3. In terms of computing, what does CPU stand for?
  4. In terms of computing what does ROM mean?
  5. What does WWW stand for?
  6. What does VPN stand for?
  7. When a wireless printer says offline it means.....
  8. In terms of computing, what does BMP stand for?
  9. IPV 4 and IPV 6 are ......
  10. What does RAM stand for?
  11. The C drive on a PC is generally located.
  12. Dropbox, Owncloud, Skydrive, and iCloud are all
  13. On a PC I can find programs by clicking on
  14. If a file says it is using 20 GB that means ...
  15. Which is bigger?
  16. What is the difference between a blog and a wiki?
  17. JPEG, TIFF,PING, PSD, & GIF are all
  18. Something is wrong with your computer, but you still have internet access so you.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Tech Savv or a Tech Sad