How Neapolitan Are You?

HOW NEAPOLITAN ARE YOU? YOU THINK YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF...WE'LL JUST SEE. Naples is a city in southern Italy, with its own unique culture. Neapolitans have a fierce pride in their culture and know every little detail about their city and its traditions. Many people who are not from Naples, Visit Naples and are shocked to see that the city that is mostly known for being a paradise with people strumming mandolins, is really a slum, under a corrupt government, with people living there always contain a smile.

Naples (Italian: Napoli, Neapolitan: Nàpule, from Greek ÎεάÏολη < Îέα ΠÏÎ»Î¹Ï Néa Pólis 'New City') is the largest city in southern Italy and capital of the Campania region and the Province of Naples. The city has a population of about 1 million. By one count the metropolitan area of Naples is the second largest in Italy after that of Milan, with more than 4,200,000 inhabitants. The inhabitants are known as Neapolitans, napulitane in Neapolitan, napoletani or poetically partenopei in Italian. It is located halfway between the volcano, Vesuvius and a separate volcanic area, the Campi Flegrei, all part of the Campanian volcanic arc.It is rich in historical, artistic and cultural traditions and gastronomy. Neapolitan ('o napulitano) is the colourful, rich Romance language that has been a trademark of southern Italy ever since the period of the Kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicilies. This history, coupled with its size, has given Naples the unofficial status of being the Capital of the South (in Italy).

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  1. How do you spell Naples in Neapolitan.
  2. How do you greet your friends when you see them?
  3. Which of the following is a section of Naples?
  4. Who is the King of `A Sceneggiata?
  5. Finish the Sentence...Mazz e Panell Fanno Fighje Bell...
  6. Who is the Patron Saint of Naples?
  7. What is `A Capuzzelle?
  8. When is the feast of San Gennaro?
  9. Who is Naples' Favorite Soccer Player?
  10. If you are a true Neapolitan...what is your two favorite pasteries?
  11. What is the Neapolitan Mafia Called?
  12. To Be Guappo is...
  13. What is `I Presepe?
  14. Who is Massaniello?
  15. What Character Symbolizes Naples?
  16. A Neapolitan Song is...
  17. What song is this line from... Oje Vita, Oje Vita Mia
  18. Who is the Most Well Known Neapolitan Actor of All Time?

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