Care's shoutout quiz!!

I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! Shout out time!!!!!!!!!!! JOIN THE DARK SIDE WE HAVE COOKIES!! Hi everyone :3 *huggles everyone* Sorry if I forgoted mew! Nepeta: Hey! Cat pun are my thing!! *takes out claws* Me: Sorry Nep!!

I HATE THIS PARAGRAPH SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I usually just fill it with BS. GTQ:No cursing!! Me: Sowwy ;-; lalaalalalalalalaaa,aaalalbeiwvrenwhjejcjznxkssweweuwpapms swuwsikw9ms

Created by: care_bear19
  1. Alright! This is my first shoutout quiz for all meh friends on GTQ! I love yall!! *huggles*
  2. First up! Batman12506! You're an amazing person and I love ya to death!!! Your sweet *hugs* Stay stronggg !
  3. BeverlyReagan! I wuv you girl :3 You're a great friend and can alway make me laugh! You told me to believe XD *huggles*
  4. Zankyou315!! You're a great friend! We haven't talked much lately but I hope we do soon!! I wuv you :3
  5. Puppet Master!! You're a great RPer and always stand up for what you believe! You're a good friend! And you know Hestia!!!
  6. Rimicha! (sorry if i spelled it wrong xP) You were my first friend on GTQ! Thanks for the warm welcome!! I hope we talk more soon!
  7. Cody17!! You always give me great advice and you're a great RPer!! Shadows be with you my friend.
  8. Lucy Shytime!! You joined my first Rp on GTQ! Thanks so much!! Ohmigosh Ash and Alicia though *the feels* so much kissing XD
  9. Demonwolf2! You're a great RPer!! Keep Midnight outta trouble xD Lol but thanks for RPing with me!
  10. NATURE!!!! I love you!!! I didn't forget ya :D I hope you have an amazing everyday!! Bye beautiful! Thanks for being a good friend!
  11. Well, that's it!! If I forgot ya, I'm sorry D: I love ya'll!!

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