Brown-Brown's Shoutouts!

Hey guys, Br0wnieBunny here with my first (and probably not only) shoutout quiz! I hope you like your shoutout because all I did was try to make positive comments about everyone who was in it.

Sorry if I forgot you in the shoutout quiz, just remind me that I forgot you in the comments and I'll put you in my next shoutout quiz the next time I make one!

Created by: Br0wnieBunny

  1. First shoutout goes to a great virtual sister, McQueen. You're mature, kind, smart, just like a real, older sister!
  2. Next shoutout goes to RainInTheShadows/TheOnlyOne. You can make some dirty jokes here and there, but that doesn't make you any less enjoyable!
  3. Then there's Weaux. You're insane, hilarious, and an incredibly amazing person. You were one of my very first friends EVER on GTQ, and I appreciate that we're still friends even after nearly 8 months of me being on this site!
  4. Next shoutout goes to Izme. You're a really bold person, and you have much confidence! I haven't seen a person like that in a while! Like Weaux, you were one of the very first friends I had on GTQ, and I am glad we're still friends.
  5. The Geek.
  6. AnimePhan, wolf_heart, dannylover321, and Avenger16. We may not have been friends for very long, but you guys are really nice people and I'm glad that we became friends.
  7. Ender. We haven't really talked, but from what I've seen you post, you seem like a friendly person.
  8. How could I forget!? sweetbunny480! You're friendly, crazy and completely random! I like how you talk about upbeat stuff, and how you are very rarely sad. You're an amazing friend!
  9. natebuscus. You're always there for me when I need somebody to talk to. You are a really cool dude.
  10. sweet! Your username explains it all. You're a really sweet girl and a great person to be around.
  11. absol heart. We don't talk to each other much, but that doesn't make me think any less of you. You're still a good person and a nice friend.
  12. ICEE_CHILL/SonicTheHedgehog! You were the VERY first friend I EVER had on GTQ! You like to crack up jokes to make people laugh, which is what I really like about you! You're a very enjoyable person!
  13. LoneShadowWolf. Even though we don't talk a whole lot, you're still one of my best friends and I could never forget you!
  14. rvelez. You're an extremely funny person, and I'm glad that that something really changed between us. I'm grateful for your friendship, and I think that you're a cool person to talk to.
  15. LetsBeFriends. First of all, I'd like to point out that you do look a bit like me, I'm serious..secondly, you are one awesome cupcake lover!
  16. Last shoutout goes to yours truly, Br0wnies. Hehe~ because I'm awesome.

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