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Hey sorry this one is late!! But recap:You get mad then the table was on fire. Alex Scary:Brown Hair and Green eyes. hE LOVES lOTS OF THINGS!! Nav Miller:

well NAV HAS golden brown hair and brown eyes. Collin Rain:Black hair brown eyes. Pictures too!! If you dont likw what they look like think its you guy style look. I did not find any really good pictures sorry

Created by: singin234

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  1. "AHH the table is on FIRE!!! CALL ###!!!!!!!" Kay yelled. Collin looked at you. "That was SO not me" you didn't listen you just ran out of the room. To your car and drove away. When you got home you hugged you pillow and cryed yourself a sleep. You didnt talk to you dairy of talk to anyone. This went on for a week Alex had tryed to call you 10 times and left you texes like "Its ok" and "Talk to me" Then he said "i gave you number to collin" Last. Collin Tryed calling 1 he didn't want to talk. And Nav he was clueless. Who was there to turn to? you were loney... You had a friend called grace so you called her. "Hello Grace speaking" "Hi its..***" you cryed. "Oh whats wrong ***" "Will...you.come..over..." " sure be there in 5mins" she said "Thaks bye" you hanged up and kept crying. "Get it togeter" Alexs voice said in you head. "NO GO AWAY" you mind screamed!! He did and then you realised thats when you turely alone
  2. Grace got there and went up to your room. Her eyes filled with horror when you saw you. Crossed legs sitting on the bed your hair hiding your red face. You have not eaten in 2 days. But you have Lots of water. (You have a bathroom conected to your room) "Oh ***, I...have you seen a docter?" Grace asked. "Havent been out of this room in a week and have not eaten for 2 days. Got lots of water! Want some?" you tell her. Your in a long Black t-shirt and shorts. "No thanks...***" Then there was a ring at the door. "Kate will get it" you say. "Whos Kate?" she asked. "Babysitter" "Oh" There was a solf knock at the door. "Come in" you yelled. IT WAS....
  3. the door open it was...Collin, Nav, Alex witha tall guy way older than you with black hair and green eyes. "Grace you must leave" Said Nv for you. "WHY??" spat grace. But when she was Collin you flutted her eye lashes. "Why?" she asked again. "BEAUSE IF YOU DONT LEAVE NOW I WILL MAKE YOU!!" Collin pertty much yelled at her. The tall guy hit hs sholder. But when Grave saw that Collins eyes were only on you she hit the roof. "Collin" Said the tall person. He looked into graves eyes and made her walk out the door. "Mind controll?" you asked him. He nodded. "Guess what!! ***" Nav said. "What?" you say plainly Nav face drops and rolles his eyes. "WE ARE GOING TO Disnelyland in CALIFORNIA!!!!" Nav yelles. "We can see Fairys and Prinesses. Yay" Collin says plainly. you all laughed. "Oh this is my father" Collin said turning to the big guy behind them. "Call me Mr Rain" HE said.
  4. you All get in collin's car. (after you pack) you Drop collins dad home and you sit in the back of the car next to Alex and Nav. They are driveing to the air port beause your going to NEW YORK 1st. you fall asleep on Navs shoulder. And wake up on Alex's. on the plane you sit next to Collin. But (sorry) you fall asleep again.
  5. When you get to the place you are staying there are 2 bedrooms with single beads. You're in the same room as Nav because you have known him longer than the rest!! You unpack then read bleeding Violet. Collin walks in. "What part you up to." He asks. "Oh when she is painting the walls in blood" you tell him. You act like you didn't see it but you saw Collin lick his lips.
  6. SORRY thats it!! I know its not long. But my brother is begging me to get off the computer!!!!!!!
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  9. If Collin is a vampire will you still be his friend?
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