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New quiz hope you like it! Dream story. You met 2 guys in this quiz. Comment if I should add more guys. I only have a few idears. It would be great if

You gave me some suggestions please! Anyway more guys in the next PS sorry it's not long. If your reading this you can now skip to the story!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: singin234

  1. You dairy, My father died saveing me from bad vampires. And my mother went crazy. My way older cuz says that the vampires might of done something to her. I have a scar near my eye. A little one! But my ex-friends or so called loser. Teased me about it! So I left school. Home schooling is not that bad. But learning about magic is cool. Nav my best friend can't find out.
  2. Your walking down town with Nav. His brown eyes looking into yours. Love you might think but WRONG. You blinked "HA ha I won! Beat that underwood!" Nav yell your last name. "SHH! Don't you think we are to old for that" you wispered in his ear. He laughed as the ran his fingers in his golden brown hair. "you just hate me wining underwood!" Nav said. He looked like he was about to jump out of his skin. You laugh "Dream on miller!" you tease Nav looked at the time "Great. The party is about to start." he dragged you to the party. "do I have to go" you say looking in his cute brown eyes
  3. Thoses dreamy eyes. You would do anything for him...at times. Nav just gave you a glare to say 'yes' all your ex-friends will be there even Mel. A white blond hair that is so thin it's gross. And brown eyes like mud. And lots of boys though she was pretty! Than you show up at the big house. You and Nav walked in. Unlucky for you Mel was at the door way. "Hello Nav! And....freak" she spitted out freak! Nav was a good friend so he said "Mel get over it will ya. And just leave her alone." Mel actted all sweet "sorry Nav. I will" she fluttered you eye lashes. She friting with him. You think gross!
  4. Nav starts chatting with some people. You tell him your going to the bathroom. You find it in a bed room. You open a window than a guy with light brown hair and green eyes look at you. He was sitting on a roof. "Hi! Want to come up?" he asked you. You nod anyway and go up. "Whats your name?" he asks you. You haven't seen him take your eyes off you....yet. "*** underwood" you yell him. His eyes locked on you. It's so cold up on the roof you shiver. He passes you a jumper it's black. "here" you pull it on. You warm up "thanks" he smiles "no prob" you suddely think I forgot his name "Alex scary" you nod "this is you party then?"
  5. He nods "yes" you look on his eyes. "why are u not down there?" you look away. He just stares at you "because I don't want to" Acting like a child. Your drawn to him like bees to honey. You just met him. "well I better get going" u say. "Here's my number" you nod and climb back into the room. You take off his jumper and give it back to him. On your way down you think weird. You find Nav "***!!! I been looking for you!! Lets go" you nod and walk beside Nav. "WAIT ***!" Alex yelled as he made his way up to you. "i will ring you" he said then a voice from back in the house said "DON'T BREAK IT" Alex sighed "I better go before they break it" u nod and wach alex run back into the house.
  6. "so underwood any thing do you want to share?" Nav asked. You though about this "ok I was on a roof! Big deal" you tell him. "ON A ROOF?!? What THE HE'LL WERE YOU DOING ON A ROOF?" he yelled "calm down Nav. I just met the guy" he stares at you "really. Like I knew that! Never would of guessed" he point out. You just keep walking by he stands there soon you get far way he has to run "Wait for me"
  7. Who do you love so far. PS: more guys comeing
  8. Plz comment I really need some suggestions!! Like what should the other guys look like? Or a new twist in it? Or just a comment! I know it's kind of rude of me to be asking for comments! But If I don't ask I don't get any
  9. Hope you liked the quiz bye
  10. Really bye

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