Just the beginning Part 4

Welcome to part 5 of Just The Beginning! This part is kind of long! Haha I'm making up for the month that I wasn't on!!! Anyway I hope you enjoy :D also thanks to rhimicha for making the new character Veronica!

Welcome to part 5 of Just the Beginning! This part is kind of long! Haha I'm making up for the month that I wasn't on!!!! Anyway I hope you enjoy! :D also thanks rhimicha for making the new character Veronica!

Created by: stargazer5660

  1. *RECAP* Jason is walking in the woods looking for Skye when he gets surrounded. Remember that? Good! Lets get started ;)
  2. *JASONS POV* I'm surrounded by armed guys. But they don't look like soldiers. I see one of them turn invisible. This can't be real can it? I mean I know Skye can move stuff with her mind and read minds but how can there be this many people with powers? There must be at least 50 people surrounding me. "Your comin with us" one of the teenagers says. I look at him closely...he looks familiar. But I can't quite figure out where I know him from. All of a sudden he swings at me and knocks me out. But when I wake up will I be dead? Or DEADLY?
  3. *MATTS POV* "Where are we by the way?" Skye asks. "Oh I guess Garrett forgot to tell you. We're in a big house in the middle of nowhere". She laughs. "I've missed you..." She tells me softly. "Me too" I lean closer and hold her hand. She leans in and we softly kiss. And I wish this moment could last forever. Because I'll never let her go, but she'll let me go.
  4. *JASONS POV* I wake up strapped down to a chair. There's reports and medical stuff all around me. But I know I'm not in a hospital. I jerk and try to get out of the leather straps that are holding me down. Wait if Skye can read minds maybe she can hear them too... I have to at least try. I close my eyes and concentrate on Skye. 'Skye, if you can hear me, HELP.' I think to her. Then da all of a sudden the room starts going blurry I see someone walk in but before I can see who it is I black out.
  5. *MATTS POV* Skye jerks away from me and I sigh. "Jason" she whispers. Then she screams "JASON" and runs out the door. I get up, kick the wall, and follow her. "Skye you don't know where your going!" I call out. She squints and looks at me "Can you find him?". I sigh "Yeah but we could be in danger" I tell her. "I don't freakin care! JUST FIND HIM" she yells. Garrett comes and puts his hand on her shoulder "Calm down its gonna be okay" he tells her. I roll my eyes and then try to find Jason. I see him in a dungeon type underground room. Strapped down.. Oh no. Thus is worse than I thought. Skye won't be prepared, and when it hits, she'll never see it coming. There will be a war. Between us, and the people trying to kill us. And that might be the people we love the most.
  6. "Come on, this way." I tell Skye and head outside. I stop as I see Garrett making a call. "Veronica?" I ask. He nods. I run outside to Skye and we head the way I saw Jason being leaded too. After about an hour we get there. Garrett comes running up. "You ready?" I ask. Skye nods. I start to open the door when Skye stops me "Wait why not just kick it down its way more fun" she tells me. Garrett nods "Yeah its like BOOM!" I roll my eyes and open the door. "well that was lame" Garrett whispers. A guy comes up to us and lunges at Skye. She throws her hands out and a ball of energy shoots out and knocks the guy out. She stands back "Um I didn't know I could do that" she tells us. "That...WAS AWESOME!" Garrett exclaims. We head down the dark hallway and I see the door. Skye opens it with her telekenesis. "You know we could have just opened it normally" Garrett says. "Yeah but that would be lame" I laugh at them and walk inside. Garrett gets him out of the straps and we start to walk back with Garrett dragging Jason.
  7. *YOUR POV* On the way out a teenage boy stops us. I look closer, "MAX?!" I ask. He smirks, "Who else would it be?" I glare at him, "It all makes since now. That's why you asked me out so you could bring me here." I say. "Actually I kinda did like you and I was gonna take you to dinner AND THEN destroy you!" He explains. "aw, well if you were a little NICER maybe I would go out with you! Oh wait, that's NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. So I'm just gonna destroy you and then throw you in a river! Sound fair?". "Ughh!" He yells and lunges at me. I kick him in the side of the leg and make him fall down. He stands up slowly I wait for him to come. He jumps towards me and I hit him with a ball of energy and knock him out. Then I drop a chair on him and we walk out. "Nice one. You owned him" Garrett whispers. "I know, I'm amazing! Haha, you did good getting Jason out." I tell him. He smiles at me and after a while we're finally back at the house. Garrett opens up a door to a room and i lay Jason on the bed. He opens his eyes, "Where am I?" He asks. "Jason it's me!". He looks at me, "Skye!!" He sits up and kisses me. I smile, "Your here with me and my friends they also have powers and stuff. They helped save your life". "Well that's good to know but I'm seriously tired like all my energy is drained out" he tells me. "Ok" I say and walk out.
  8. I go into the living room and see a girl standing there. She has long black hair and looks native American. She turns around and looks at me. "Hi! Your Skye right?" She asks. "Yeah.. Who are you?" I ask suspiciously. She laughs "Sorry I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Veronica, Garretts cousin! My power is invisibility" she tells me. "Really? Cool! It's so awesome to have a girl here instead of all boys finally" I say. "I know right! I feel so,sorry for you! Garrett can be a idiot sometimes" she says and smiles at me. I laugh. "Well I better go see what Garretts up too!" she exclaims and walks away. I smile and go to find Matt. I see him in a room which I'm guessing is his room. "Hey Matt" I say. He looks up and warmly smiles, "Hey, by the way Garrett wants to know if you wanna join him and Veronica for a movie" he tells me. "Ooh sounds like fun! I'm in!" I exclaim. He laughs "I think they're down there now." He tells me. "okay" I nod and go downstairs to where they are. I sit beside Garrett and he smiles. "Lets watch a zombie movie!" Veronica says. "What no." Garrett tells her. "Look whose talkin Mr Zombie Killer video game dude" I say laughing. He playfully glares at me, "Okay 1 you thought that was cute! And 2 I have mad skills!" He exclaims. I laugh and look up and see Jason standing in the doorway looking at me. "I'll be right back guys" I say and go into Jasons room and he shuts the door.
  9. Jason lays down on the bed staring at the ceiling. "You like him don't you" he says. "Jason,it's not like that" I tell him, and lay down on the bed beside him. He's quiet for a minute and then speaks up, "Wanna watch a movie?" He asks me. "oh yes! Can we watch Spiderman?" I ask. He laughs and we start the movie. It's at the part where Peter and Gwen kiss and I sigh, "This part is so romantic" i say. He smiles and looks at me "You mean like this?" He brushes my hair back and kisses me. "Just like that" i smile. I lay my head on his shoulder and we finish the movie.
  10. I wake up in the morning and I'm still in bed with Jason. Oh gosh I accidently fell asleep with him. I smile a little and lay back down. He opens his eyes and whispers in my ear, "Skye I need to tell you something. I have powers."

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