What is your current mood?

Moods of the human mind are constantly changing. Sometimes we're happy, sometimes we're sad, but sometimes we don't even know what we are! By taking this short and sweet quiz, you'll be able to figure your mood out in just a little while!

This is my first quiz on this site, but I am going to post many more after this. Please enjoy it and rate it if you want! If you don't get a result that you like, retake it some other day. Like I said, moods always change.

Created by: rhimicha

  1. Which of these foods would you most likely eat right now?
  2. If you had to, would you ever wear mismatched shoes?
  3. Quick! Pick an instrument.
  4. Which animal do you want to be RIGHT now?
  5. Pretend a stranger just complimented you (just now). How do you react?
  6. Which one doesn't belong?
  7. Let's play a word game: Apple.
  8. How long have you been on the computer/cell/etc.?
  9. How do you... um, forget it...
  10. Then, how do you truly feel today?
  11. Last but not least! Another pick one!

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Quiz topic: What is my current mood?