What Is Your Current Mood Color?

There are many different moods, and you're probably here because you don't know what you feel, you want to know what you feel, you're bored, you're "meh", or you should be doing something else more important than this. Either way, this quiz may be a source of temporary entertainment.

There are a few different mood descriptions, depending on how you answer. Please try to be as accurate as possible. For each result, there will be a list of potential items that might help with whatever your mood may be.

Created by: desert woman
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  1. How do you think you feel right now?
  2. If there was anything else you could be doing...?
  3. Have you had a lot of negative events and experiences take place in your life?
  4. How has your day been up until this point?
  5. What do you think of active, spontaneous, thrilling, fast, adrenaline-pumping activities (such as bungee-jumping, racing, horse-back riding, boxing, shooting, running, sky-diving, etc.)?
  6. Are you insecure?
  7. Do you know exactly what you want in life?
  8. What sounds the most appealing to you?
  9. Do you like the idea of true love?
  10. Are you jealous?
  11. Do you feel accomplished in your life?
  12. Do you feel supported or loved, generally?
  13. Do you feel like an emotionally or mentally strong individual?
  14. Have you been depressed or hurt?
  15. Have you been content or without stress?
  16. Have you been passionate, angry, or active?
  17. Have you been contemplative, quiet, nervous, or wishful?
  18. Have you been feeling romantic lately?
  19. What would you rather listen to?
  20. What do you want?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Current Mood Color?