Find The Wysteria - 8 (for Girls)

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Welcome to part eight of this story quiz for girls! Sorry if the beginning of this part is a little too 'information overload', but there were so many questions that needed answering. And keep in mind that Xavier and Greta are temporary characters. There is quite a bit of romance with Dawson is this part! ;D

Last time you met your kidnappers, Greta and Xavier. They want you to stay and live with them, but of course you can't do that. You learn a lot about Andriellan faeries from a book that is not yet completed. Dawson and you decide to sleep, but in the middle of the night, there is a disturbance: Xavier and Greta in faerie form!?

Created by: rhimicha

  1. Xavier looks exactly the same as when you first met him, except now he's faerie-sized. His wings are an irridescent pale green, just like his eyes, and shaped like a swallowtail's. He appears to have injured his leg slightly... Greta now wears a dark purple dress, and her wings are light blue, with little flecks of pink. They are shaped like a monarch butterfly's. It is in just a split second that you take their forms in, before they dart into their shelf. Now it makes sense. That's not a dollhouse. That's their home when they are in faerie form... You and Dawson look at each other with amazed expressions. "Greta, Xavier, we know it's you guys. Please come out, don't hide," you tell them gently.
  2. "Bzzz rraa Grrrreta's frrraaa!" you hear from behind the shelf's curtain. Then you hear a softer, higher pitched bell-like voice, "Bzz zz rrororo!" You grimance in confusion. It sounds like they're arguing with each other. "I can't understand a word of what you guys are saying!" you grumble. Greta, it looks like, slowly peaks out the curtain. After cautiously staring at both of you for a while, she flutters out and over to a desk, grabbing a piece of paper in one hand, and a quill ink pen in the other. She lays the piece of paper down and starts scribbling something out. You and Dawson approach her slowly, so as not to scare her, and read her note as soon as she's finished. It says, "Will explain at sunrise."
  3. Thankfully, sunrise isn't that far away. It seems to be rising now, in fact. Xavier actually flutters out of his shelf, but rather subtly. He goes and hides behind a room divider, and Greta hides behind one of the beds. They are on completely opposite ends of the huge circular room, and you and Dawson stand awkwardly in the middle. You both stay right there, simply awaiting whatever happens. Finally, sunlight is starting to peak in through the window, and as soon as it does, you hear sparks and poofs coming from Greta's area.... Xavier quickly follows. Around Greta appears a bunch of light blue smoke, around Xavier appears a bunch of pale green smoke. You see Greta's human hand reach up and dig around in her dresser, and then hear her fidgeting to get clothes on. Xavier must have had a pair already set out behind the screen, because he walks out completely dressed. "You guys better sit down. This may take a while..." Greta sighs while standing up in her light blue dress.
  4. "If you hadn't dropped the medicine, we wouldn't be in this mess!" Xavier fumes. You look at the floor again and see a tin of that 'sweet relief' medicine lying there, tipped over. So that's what went 'clap'. Xavier picks it up and applies some to his leg, which appears to have gotten all scratched up. Greta smiles, "Did it ever occur to you that maybe I did that on purpose?" Xavier looks at her furiously, "No, not until you just admitted it!" Greta ignores him and looks to you and Dawson. "I'm sure you have all sorts of questions. I have wanted to answer them for you this whole time. Ask away. Nothing is preventing me from answering them now, not even Xavier," she smiles lightly. You and Dawson take seats at the table.
  5. "It's kind of a long story. You see... our parents were different, literally. Our mother was a faerie, and our father was a human. How did they have kids together? My father made a potion for our mother so that she could be in human form whenever she took it. It only lasted for about half a day per potion. I'm currently writing a book about it," she grabs the book off the shelf, "but I haven't finished it yet." You nod bashfully and say, "Um, we kind of read it last night..." Greta doesn't seem too surprised. Instead, she continues explaining. "This all happened years ago. Our father and mother met, then had us, and... only three years ago, the massacre occured. We survived it because it was in the daytime, when we were in human form. We had always lived with the faeries of Andriella, you see, who accepted us even though we were part human, and after that... we didn't know where to go. So we just stayed here. We are humans in the day, faeries at night. That's just how it's always been. We don't know where our father is. He was an explorer, so he must be long gone by now. He left Andriella when our mother was killed. He thought we died too."
  6. Greta sighs, "We still have Andriellan faerie blood in us. This causes us to be very passionate and desirous of things, mostly when we are in faerie form. Sometimes even when we are in human form. That's why Xavier comes off strongly sometimes... We went out tonight simply to hide our faerie forms from you two. Needless to say, that was Xavier's idea. He sprained his leg while we were out and we came back for some medicine. Then I had the idea to drop it and wake you up. I don't like hiding things from people." You nod in understanding, then go on to ask, "So all these little things you have in here are things you have gotten over the years?" Xavier looks at you and informs, "It's what's left of the Andriellan faerie culture..." You ask, "How did you get inside then? You didn't use the door or the windows." Greta answers, "See up there on the ceiling? If you look carefully, you'll see the outline of a little door. That's how we enter in sometimes."
  7. "We kidnapped you because... we wanted friends. It's been a long time since we've had anyone else around. We got selfish..." she sighs deeply. She takes out a brand new tin of the sweet relief medicine and places it in a satchel. She also packs a few loafs of bread, some fruits, a sack of cheese, and the dress you were wearing when you first woke up here. Xavier looks at her and demands, "Greta, what are you doing??" She bites her lip in a moment of uncertainty, but then says decidedly, "I'm packing a satchel for Dawson and ____. Xavier, we can't keep them here against their will. You know it as well as I do." Xavier doesn't respond, he only crosses his arms and gazes out the window.
  8. "My deepest apologies for interfering with the mission you two were on. Perhaps the things in here will make up for it, even if just a little." Greta hands you the satchel. You look down at it, then back up at her, and decide to give her a hug. "____?" she laughs, hugging back. When you pull away, it appears you have moved her quite a bit. She is tearing up and smiling very big. "I haven't gotten a hug like that... ever since my mom died," she explains with a nervous laugh. You smile and hug her again. Then so does Dawson. Xavier looks over to you suddenly, as if he's just had a brilliant idea. "____. If you are leaving, there's something I want you to have for your journey." With this, he rises from his seat and heads over to a chest all the way on the other end of the room. It's a chest that's actually locked. After jiggling a key around in the latch a bit, he opens it and pulls out two glass bottles with cork lids. Once he brings them closer to you, you see that they are filled with a strange looking substance. Powdery. Sparkly. Irridescant. Wait a minute... it can't be. Pixie dust?
  9. Xavier puts the bottles in your satchel. You look up at him (he really is so tall) in disbelief. "You're giving me pixie dust? That's -- I mean -- I don't what to say! Except thank you so much!" He smiles while looking down at you, "You're welcome, ____. I... I'm really going to miss you. You're a very interesting human girl." You smile and give him a hug. You ask curiously, "What are you two gonna do now? Surely you're not going to just stay here? It must be so lonely." Greta chimes in, "Maybe we'll become travelers like our father. We've been wanting to find him for a long time now." You nod encouragingly, "Yes! You should! You can always come back here to visit. If you both are lonely, you should visit new places and try to meet different types of faeries." Greta and Xavier both nod in agreement. "But I think I must finish my book before setting out on any dangerous journeys. I'd like the Andriellan faeries to have at least some way of being remembered. They weren't all bad... one thing is for sure -- they were extremely loyal creatures. I'll have to include that in the book," Greta explains thoughtfully. " So I guess this is goodbye?" Dawson asks. Greta nods solemnly.
  10. As Dawson and you climb down the ladder of the treehouse, Xavier and Greta are peaking out and waving goodbye to you. Once you both reach the very bottom, you ask Dawson, "Do you think the others are going to believe us?" Dawson laughs, "When we tell them we were kidnapped by faerie-human hybrids that actually turned out to be good guys who gave us amazing medicine and pixie dust? Oh yeah, I think they'll totally believe us." You playfully nudge his arm in response to his sarcasm. After walking along for a while, you turn around to see Greta and Xavier peeking out the window of their big treehouse. You and Dawson wave to them one last time, and then continue on through the forest. Then something occurs to you. "Wait. If the others don't believe in faeries... then the pixie dust won't work for them." Dawson looks at you and thinks about your comment for a moment. "Well, in the end, that is to our advantage, isn't it? Maybe we should keep the pixie dust secret from them," he suggests. You bite your lip in worry, "That seems... I don't know. Should we?" Dawson nods, "I think so."
  11. "I don't feel right about it though," you quietly complain. Dawson looks over to you and stops walking. "Do you trust them? Jules, Caldwell, and Lucia, I mean." "Huh? I mean... I trust them for the most part. Why?" Dawson looks at the satchel. "It seems that you sometimes forget the nature of us humans..." You tilt your head in curiosity, "Well what do you think they'd do?" Dawson replies with, "It doesn't matter. What matters is that I would never do anything to hurt you, ____. You have to understand that." His hand moves slowly up towards your face, pushing a stray hair out of the way.
  12. Those eyes. So blue... almost like sapphire. Gazing into them is like being lost at sea. The sea comes closer and closer, till finally, you can't see it anymore. Have you closed your eyes? You must have... you feel a breeze, as if you really are lost at sea, and it makes you cold. Then you feel this warmth on your lips, and it travels right to your heart. Suddenly you realize that Dawson is kissing you. He's kissing you, and you're kissing back. You can feel his fingers mingle with your hair, his lips and yours fitting perfectly together. The cold is completely gone. This sea is warm and comforting... Then Dawson and you pull away in a panic, because there's some rustling coming from the nearby trees.
  13. It's Lucia. "There you guys are! We've been looking everywhere for you!" she exclaims in relief. That's who was rustling in the trees. You see two figures following behind her... Jules and Caldwell. Lucia is about to come up and hug you, it seems like, but she stops when she sees the look on your and Dawson's faces. "Umm... what exactly happened to you two?" she asks. You and Dawson exchange a look. "You didn't just se-... Uhh--?" you falter. It doesn't seem like she saw you two kissing... otherwise she'd be acting different. Now you try to think of how to explain where you guys disappeared, without mentioning faeries or pixie dust... Caldwell and Jules are still catching up, just out of earshot. "I wandered off in here, looking for Dawson, and I got lost," you lie quite convincingly. Dawson backs this up with, "Pretty much the same thing happened to me, except I was looking for a dog, not a person." Lucia squints her eyes. "So you're both telling me you just got lost?! After all this searching we had to do?! Do you have any idea how worried we were?" she starts yelling at you both.
  14. "And you guys are looking pretty well-off there, considering you got lost in the forest for half a day... where did you get all this stuff, hm??" Lucia interrogates now, while eyeing the satchel that Dawson holds. Caldwell and Jules have finally caught up. Jules runs up to you and gives you a great big hug, actually lifting you up off your feet. "____!" His voice is filled with utter relief. "Jules, I'm okay. I'm okay," you laugh, looking up into his calm gray eyes. Caldwell looks between you and Dawson intensely. "Wait... what happened?" he questions. Lucia shakes her head, "That's what I was just asking them. Don't pretend you've forgotten my question, you two. What's going on here?"
  15. "Umm," you mumble while shifting your eyes from side to side. "You know what it looks like? It looks like you guys had this all planned out. A romantic forest getaway... yeah, that's exactly what it seems like to me," Lucia says decidedly with a smug crossing of her arms. Caldwell looks extremely uncomfortable at that notion and starts to rub the back of his neck. Jules furrows his brow in discernment and looks between you and Dawson.
  16. Dawson intercepts, "Ha! Lucia, please. That's a little far-fetched, don't you think? You've got it all wrong. It's just how we told you. I wandered in here because a stray dog snatched this satchel away from me and I had to get it back. I bought all this stuff before I left the market. When you guys came to the park to look for me, ____ wandered in through the forest, thinking I might be here, and got lost. Well, we both got lost, then eventually found each other." Jules looks relieved, and nods to show his understanding. "That makes sense..." Caldwell nods. "Lucia, stop being such a drama queen," he adds while ruffling her hair. She swats it away in annoyance."But! I-I...." she sighs. "I guess it was a little far-fetched..." She then looks at you and Dawson. "Look, I'm really sorry for jumping to conclusions, okay?"
  17. "Don't worry about it," you tell her, too exhausted to respond any different. Dawson starts talking with the guys for a while. Lucia then asks you very quietly, "The only reason I thought that was because... well, the way you two were acting when I first saw you seemed a little weird. Did something happen?" You shrug with a small blush, "Maybe. I didn't know it would... it just did." Lucia's mouth drops open, and she whispers, "So I wasn't entirely wrong, eh? You may have gotten lost, but it lead to something? When we get back to the lodge, I want details! Details!" she grins.
  18. "This was an... unfortunate incident. We're gonna have to try and stay together a little better," Jules finally says when everyone is done reuniting. "I agree," Caldwell joins in. "You know what, it's all my fault," Dawson sighs. 'Not this again,' you think to yourself. He always blames himself when things go wrong. "Dawson, don't say that," you chide. "It's just one of those things. It's not anyone's fault." Everyone else nods in agreement. "We'll just try and stick together from now on," Caldwell adds. Then he goes up next to you and smirks, "I know you missed me, no need to try and hide it." You try to fight the smile appearing on your face, but while doing so, you are surprised to feel his arms wrapping around you. "I'm glad you're safe, ____," he whispers in your ear. To everyone else it just looks like a friendly hug. Maybe it is just a friendly hug. You can never really tell with Caldwell...
  19. It takes you all about thirty minutes to get out of the forest and back to the park. Then it takes another twenty to return to the lodge. Jules, Caldwell, and Lucia are exhausted from staying up all night looking for you and Dawson, so they have to sleep before setting out again. Since Lucia is sleeping and staying in the room is boring, you decide to go downstairs. This lodge has a theater and a restaurant built into it, but you are starving, so you decide to go to the restaurant for brunch. Even though you were snacking on the foods Greta packed for you, you feel like you need a real meal.
  20. The lighting is dim in here but in a relaxing kind of way. You take a plate and get in line at the buffet (me: what? They probably had them back then... maybe... xD). There are all sorts of food to choose from, and you get all your favorites. Then you take a seat at a wooden table. Once you're about 5 minutes into eating, you see another plate being set down across from yours. Your mouth is stuffed with food as you look up to see Dawson.
  21. "Hey, ____," he greets normally, as if the kiss never even happened. You nod uncertainly and gulp down your food. "Hi..." You both sit in silence for some time just eating. Before you know it you're both finished. Dawson looks from side to side as if he has something to say to you, but he never does. You ask, "Are you okay?" He finally looks directly at you. After a slight hesitation, he nods, "Come with me."
  22. "Um, sure?" you reply. You follow his lead, and he ends up taking you to the theater, where you both sit side by side. There is a play going on, but you don't pay much attention to it, since Dawson seems to be wanting to tell you something. "____," he finally says. "Um, I've been thinking. The Wysteria... what if it's not even real?"
  23. "What? Of course it's real! It has to be... real," is your reaction. He sighs and looks back at the stage. "We don't know for sure though... All I'm saying is don't you think we need a back up plan?" You shrug and reply, "What do you have in mind?" He hesitates, "I was thinking about that pixie dust. How rare it is. How we could sell it. But... it is actually quite worthless. They sell the imitation stuff in the markets. Plus, in order for it work, you have to believe in it." You nod in agreement. "Well let's not worry about it right now..." You heave a great big sigh, getting stressed thinking that this is all just a big waste of time. Besides, there's another thought weighing on your mind: Dawson kissing you earlier.
  24. You keep trying to bring it up. You keep attempting to ask him about it. But every time you do, you lose the words. Thankfully... he speaks up himself. "About the kiss... I don't know how you feel about it, but I don't regret it..." Your cheeks go red as he gazes at you. "I don't really regret it either..." you shrug. He smiles at this, and you both continue to watch the play.
  25. You both return to the lobby of the lodge once the play is over. You are both just gonna head up to your rooms, when you feel a chill go up your spine as someone passes by you. It's... well, at first, you thought it might be the cloaked girl. But it couldn't be, could it? She is not wearing a cloak... and she doesn't look all that suspicious. Hmm... If only you could have talked to her before she left the building.
  26. That's a cliffhanger! Looks like you've run into that weird girl again?! Hmm, suspense suspense! Will you reach her in time? You'll have to wake all the others up :O Well, can't wait to see you all next time, and I hope you enjoyed this part! Which guy do you like best?

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