What Are You (Human,Vamp,...)

Who likes being a human. Humans are soo boring.This quiz lets you be a lot of different types of Creatures. You can be a vampire, fairy, wearwolf and much more. Good luck finding out what you want to be.

What are you. Do not be a boring ordinary person who sees the world the same way every day. Why not see what kind of mythical creature you really are.You will find out in a couple of minutes if you hit that button.

Created by: Monica

  1. What do you want to be?
  2. Vampires eat pie.
  3. What grows hair in the moon light.
  4. Humans are boring.
  5. Fairies eat chicken nuggets.
  6. Garlic is a vampires best friend.
  7. Are you board.
  8. Do monkeys like werewolves?
  9. If you are still doing this Quiz you don't have a life.
  10. Last question.Bye!

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