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  • Hi, I can tell that these comments are quite far back but yeah! I saw your comment on my previous quiz and I thought I should read your series. I am really impressed by your writing style, it's really refreshing and when I was reading certain scenes, they really popped out esp with the part when Draco asked for Jessica's hand. I'm not sure if it's intentional but you really do know how to emphasize you're work.

    I'll be looking forward to the other releases!

  • Lovely part, other than the fact Draco was in it. Sorry, I can't stand him, however he is portrayed, he's still Rowling's Malfoy. These stories tend to circle Draco a lot. Although many people love that, I don't. But I'm not taking away from you that that was a great part JL!!!

  • Poor Neville :c Draco needs to calm down the jealousy. Oh, he wants to try the "covert" arm move and make himself look more important, you just try, Draco, just try, but you're going to have harder if you want to earn my respect (that's towards Draco, not you JessicaLestrange). Fine, fine, I still think he's cute, but shh, don't tell him, wouldn't want to amp up his arrogance any more than it already is, you know ;P Nice part, and I'm already ready to read part 3, so can't wait until it gets out :)

  • Awesome! Can't wait for part three!

  • That was good! Looking forward to part 3!

  • Yawn!

  • Omg I LOVE your writing @JessicaLestrange!! !

    Beatle Obsessed
  • Make part 3 asan (as soon as now)


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