I need a new character.

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Thread Topic: I need a new character.

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    Dark22978 Advanced
    You all need to make one human character. >:3 Human. No magic. Only weapons and normal stuff. Challenging, but not impossible.

    I'll try to tell the winners by December 1, 2, or 3. Kay?

    I need to know how the character looks, their personality, their interests and dislikes, their name, gender, age, and a little bit of their history or past. :3

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    Sage Parson Junior
    Just letting you know, I don't have the time to write a profile of a character right now, but I have an idea.

    I will write it down and get it to you ASAP. :)
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    Sports19 Novice
    ^same as Sage. I don't have the time or patience to type it out right now, but I do have an idea. Perhaps if I remember tomarrow, I will do it then
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    Dark22978 Advanced
    Kay Kay.
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    barberbob2 Senior
    They call him Ick. Although that's not his real name. We don't really remember what his real name was. He's been here so long. We just call him Ick.

    Ick stands 5'9" and is thin as a twig. He can't weigh more than 100 lbs but he fights like a God. Fast and mean. No emotion. No hesitance. He wins. And they love him for it. But they don't know the real him.

    Ick and I showed up here at the same time. But he got the arena, and I got servant duty. I don't remember what his name was before we got here, but when I finally got assigned to him, his name was Ick.

    He scares me sometimes. He doesn't talk much. His long greasy hair and unflinching eyes don't help. But the part that worries me the most, are the tallies on his shoulders. Scars counting up to 6. When I was assigned to him, he had four. He's added more, and he won't tell me what they're from. I'm scared of him. He's adding another...
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    Her name is Ember, she has long, fiery red hair, and icy-blue eyes. She is 5'7", her skin is unusually pale, and she always wears some form of stylish black leather armour.

    She's English, but was brought up by a rough family, and sent away to fend for herself (which sort of explains why she always wears armour.) Luckily, she is very experienced and talented when it comes to hunting for food!

    She's not exactly friendly, and if you get too close to her, she'll use her skillfully crafted sword to ... well... destroy you... :-)

    Her dream is to return to living a normal life, but it's not exactly going to be easy for her! She's only twenty years old, and has no idea where she is! Maybe one day she'll find her way back home, with a little help of course! :-)
  • NeonHedgehog Novice
    Informational things

    Name: Danielle Carlson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14


    Hair color: Blonde
    Hair style: Mermaid hair curly, up to her waist and always in a ponytail.

    Eye color: Pale blue

    Skin: Lightly tanned, and brown freckles on her face
    Body: Athletic build

    Height: 5'7

    Stuff about her

    Likes: Sports (Mostly, softball/baseball) singing, arts and crafts, music, candy.
    Dislikes: Mean people, cheating, people who litter.

    Personality (And probably other stuff): Funny, a bit bossy, and smart. She can be bossy but she knows when she's bossy, so she says to the person/people she's bossing, "Sorry! I know I'm being bossy, it's just in me!" They usually forgive her. She can be funny, but she isn't the funniest person you could know. She a bit higher than average in school, but she does really good. She loves to laugh and have fun!


    History: She loves with her Mom and Dad, who are rich. She doesn't really like being rich since it seems a bit weird to her. But she can learn everything she wants! Like, archery; which she's really awesome at; any musical instrument, singing lessons, art lessons, and all that. She doesn't bring that much friends to her house often since her house looking kinda "rich". She's quite talented but she doesn't want to brag about. Her favorite thing she learned was archery! She has a secret talent for it!

    Weapon: Bow and arrows, and she's somewhat good with the sword.

    Random stuff: When she finished "The Hunger Games", she said she needed to be ready. She bought books about plants and berries, books about all kinds of animals, how to survive in the wild, how to survive in the desert (I don't know if I should count the desert as a wild place), also she made a list on what she should bring if she plans to live in the wild, and stuff that help you survive without all the new things.
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    Sage Parson Junior
    Name: Maria Kyra Rowling

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Looks: A bit over shoulder length blonde hair, green/blue eyes, peach skin, a bit too skinny and underweight (this causes people to believe she's anorexic, when she's not), slender, average height (5' 1"),

    Personality: Quiet, but strong, Maria Rowling has a smart, cheerful, friendly girl. Though she can be shy at times, Maria is always willing to help out a friend. She's determined, but doesn't look before she leaps. This often causes problems because of her accidental slips. She is very graceful on her feet but she lacks the courage to speak out. She lacks motivation and gets jealous easily. Maria is very introverted, and is trained to be disciplined. She gets very high grades in school, but when people ask about them she doesn't think they're all that grade and strives to be better.

    Likes: Ice skating, writing, learning, being better than others, meeting new friends, being alone, training, talking with her friends,

    Dislikes: When people think she's anorexic, when she fails, getting bad grades on a test, when people are mean to others, seeing others (animal or human) in harm, having to make difficult decisions, being pressured.

    History: Maria was born in Hollywood, California. She grew up being used to the action and city life. She lived a pretty good life. Her father, afraid of the dangers Maria could get into because of her "look before she leaps" flaw she has, and had her train with a master assassin for five years.

    The assassin was very disciplined and she hated going to practice everyday, because of it. He would hit her with a bow staff if she didn't failed a task (which is now why she fears/dislikes failing and being put under pressure).

    Though, as she grew up, her skills improved. And failing being no option, she would succeed at much of the tasks her master would give her.

    She still learns from the unknown assassin to get more knowledge.

    Weapons (if any): Basically everything a ninja has (Knifes, shurikens, samurai sword, etc...)

    Skills: Expert marksmen, expert in the skill of knife throwing and handling, intermediate in the skill of the samurai sword. She lacks skills with fire arms, and prefers combat attacks.

    If you want to change anything, I'm pretty flexible! :)
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    Skyler Potter Novice
    Im going to make one later today.
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    Dark22978 Advanced
    owo I like these all so far.
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    Skyler Potter Novice
    Name: Dakota Groban

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Looks: Long, ginger hair (about waist length), pale blue eyes, normal colored skin, normal weight, maybe on the skinny side, rather tall. (5' 5")

    Personality: Outspoken and kind, Dakota is the kind of girl others strive to be. (Once they get to know her, at least). When people meet her, she may come off a little rude or arrogant, but really she is trying to defend herself; a trait she acquired when...(see history). Dakota can be easily spotted in a crowd, but not always for good reasons. Few people think of her as a "school bully" but these are mostly the people who have no lives, and start drama on purpose. Dakota also loves animals, she volunteers at the pet shelter whenever possible. When doing school projects Dakota can also become a little bossy, trying to take over the entire project.

    Interests: Dakota loves music, so she doesn't have much time for sports. She focuses all of her energy in playing the two instruments she fell in love with at age 6; piano and clarinet. She would play more instruments, but she likes to focus on one thing at a time. She wants to work with animals and nature when she matures.

    Dislikes: Losing, secretly she hates getting bad grades, but she is use to it because she isn't the "sharpest knife in the drawer." (she mostly gets B's and high C's.) She also hates computers and electronics; she'd much rather be outside.

    History: Dakota was born in Tennessee. She is a country girl at heart. Dakota has three sisters, but no brothers. Their names are: Bethany (4), Taylor (13), and Megan (9). She loves being in the woods, and spends a lot of her time there. (The rest of it is spent playing instruments).

    Do not be fooled at first, but, Dakota loves archery. She doesn't shoot any animals, just pop cans. :-) But she promised herself if anyone tried to attack her, she would fight back. She isn't afraid of hurting others; in fact she is rather blunt, and she "doesn't beat around the bush".

    She learned these skills from her mother.

    Weapons: Her bow and arrows. Nothing else.

    Skills: Archery, aim, pretty speedy, light and quick on her feet. If she needed to, she could attack with her hands and feet.

    Like Sage, I can change anything. I may add more later, too. But probably not...
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    Skyler Potter Novice
    OH! I forgot the reason why she had that trait. (In personality).

    (Under History:) Dakota had a REALLY big problem with a friend, and they were very mean to her. I wont go into detail, but it did get pretty nasty.

    Dakota doesn't want to be hurt again, so she hides behind this veil of rudeness and arrogance.
  • CriticDude Newbie
    Get your lazy butt to work. Don't waste other time.
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    Sage Parson Junior
    ^Get your lazy butt off this site.
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    Ashl3y Junior
    @Sage couldn't have said it better. :)

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