I need a new character.

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Thread Topic: I need a new character.

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    Skyler Potter Novice
    XD You guys do know its Emma, right? Me and Bob figured it out last night.
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    Sports19 Junior
    NAME: Azalea Carter

    GENDER: female

    AGE: 15

    LOOKS: long darkish blonde hair to the middle of her back (sometimes in braides), grey eyes, no makeup, freckles, 5'9'', skinny, paleish complexion, pretty

    OUTFITS/ STYLE: plaid shirts, skinny jeans, boots or skate shoes

    HISTORY/ PAST: grew up in the country, rode horses since she could walk, has hunted since she was 7, family is big and country/ redneck, lives in a small town with population of about 900 with a property of 10 acres

    PERSONALITY: tom boy, country girl, nice to people, funny, sometimes opinionated, bold, smart, sensitive, loveable, doesn't like to be called princess or a girly girl or prissy or scared, can sometimes have anger issues, not gullible but easily afraid, tries to hide the fact she is afraid easily

    LIKES: horse back riding, drawing, caring for her animals, hunting, football, music, NASCAR, hanging out with friends,

    DISLIKES: chores, idiots, politics, video games, paranormal things

    OTHER: has a crush on a neighbor/ best friend
  • vulturemonem Novice
    Name: Marianne
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female

    Looks: Marianne has aurburn shoulder length hair, wavy. Lightly tanned skin with sharp, inquisitive green eyes. Really quite tall 5'8. Slender build.

    Personality: Inquistive, sarcastic, kind at heart, firm. Marianne is know as 'that girl' at school. She has only one friend, but her friend is as loyal as can be. Her good looks make her popular with the boys but she couldn't care less about them. When you first meet her, Marianne can come over as arrogant and blunt. But once you get to know her, she is clever, witty and kind. Her sharp mind earns her great grades at school. Se is determined, once she has decided, she will. Protective.

    Interests: Swimming and gymnastics. Marianne could swim the length of the Thames for a warm up. Her strength and fitness have got her a well earned place in the school swim squad. But Marianne yearns for more, this has led to trouble before. (see history). Gymnastics is her secret passion. That and animals. If she isn't in the garden or local lake, she will be in the forest. Either practising walkovers or seeking animals.

    Dislikes: Bullies, failing, lies. If Marianne sees a bully, they get a tongue lashing or a good punch. Equally, if Marianne fails in something she has set her mind too... Well that never happens. She tries until she succeeds. Lies are Mariannes biggest hate because (see history).

    History: Marianne lost her twin sister when she was 13. Her sister told her she was meeting her friend by the docks, the day after her boyfriend cheated in her. But she wasn't. When her sister didn't return for hours, Marianne left to find her. She arrived in time to see her jump into the churning sea. Marianne dived in to rescue her. She grabbed her sister and took her too the side. She noticed that her sisters necklace was missing, her necklace from their now dead grandmother. Marianne, determined to find it, jumped back in. After swimming for an few minutes, she found it. But her mind yearned for more, so she swum near the rocks for a while, giving herself pure pleasure, a pleasure that couldnt be accomplished in a swimming pool. But as she came up, a speedboat came over her, smashing her into the rocks. Her sister, who was also a very good swimmer, jumped in to pull her out. However, her sister also had asthma, and having pulled both of the onto the concrete, she got an asthma attack. She hadn't got her pump and died of an asthma attack. Marianne was found by her father, crying over her sisters body with the necklace clutched in her hand and her leg muscles ripped in her calf. Marianne blamed herself for her sisters death. Her sisters lie had led to a death and a weight on Marianne's consiounsce. And that necklace...

    I don't mind if you change some, I'm flexible! :)
  • vulturemonem Novice
    Oh yeah,
    Weapons: a knife. Give Marianne a knife and her sheer strength and agility will win her the fight.
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    Sports19 Junior
    Oh, and added to DISLIKES: the number 6
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    Sports19 Junior
    Hey, i was looking through Literature and I remembered about this.

    You said that the winner will be revealed on December 1st; it's December 2nd where I am right now
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    Sage Parson Junior
    Give her some time! She might be busy. :P
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    Sports19 Junior
    I know, I was just saying what day it was :P
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    SecretLie5 Novice
    Name: teana
    Looks: long black hair with dark blue tips, dark brown eyes, 5'7, medium skin (African-American)
    Personality: smart-mouth, funny, hard hearted, don't show her feelings, tomboy, mostly friends with boys, nice when it comes to others feelings, loyal, and loves dogs/wolf

    Likes: wolves, art, fighting, music

    Dislike:annoying girls, slow people, people who prove her wrong.

    Weapons: knife and bombs

    Background: her parents died when she was 13, and she lives alone with her little sister(2year old, JJ) in the house, until cop took them to a foster home. They were going to separate them but she fought to keep them together. Now she lives with her foster parents, Mr. And Mrs. Ranson in a mansion with 3dogs(Celeste, Hondo, Sparky).

    I hope this is good
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    Calysta221 Novice
    Name:Suzan Lamier (they call her Z)

    Looks:Dark brown wavy hair goes to her shoulders,hazel eyes,fair skin,5'6,american.

    Personalty:Smart,lone wolf,firm,sarcastic,shows off,tomboy,stubborn,tough,but kind,sweet,witty,shyish,and doesn't care about looks.She has no friends and rarely is noticed at school.She is considered the outcast.

    Likes:Danger,showing off,proving herself,doing risks,climbing trees to see the stars,tracking,helping animals,punishing people.

    Dislikes:Failing,cities,people bossing her,snobby people,boys trying to "protect" her,remebering her loved ones,not having her weapons,not having her pet wolf Mistwood (can be dog depending on breed)

    Weapons:A knife from her father before he died,and any rope whatsoever

    History:Z's(Suzan's) parents were murdered.Her little brother,Tommy,was kidnapped.Suzna lives all on her own,exept for Mistwood.Mistwood is her pet wolf.Z is an outcast at school.No one knows her family was gone.She didn't want them to.She didn't want to leave her home to go to foster parents.So sometimes when she walks around with red eyes and tear stained cheeks,she just makes up a lie about it.The night her parents were murdered,her father gave her a knife and her mother a locket.They also gave her Mistwood,but then she was a puppy.They told her to lock all the doors,turn all the lights off,get two pillows and a blanket,grab her brother who was 2 at the time,and hide in the closet.Someone broke in the house last night,killed her parents and dragged them out.That was when she realized they were trying to protect her.She thought it was her fault they died.She was 10 years old then.A few days later her brother refused to sleep in the closet and went to his bed.She slept in his closet to make sure he would be safe.But,he was kidnapped.She hated herself for letting him get kidnapped.All she had left was Mistwood,a knife,and a locket that had a family picture in it.That was when she realized she was all alone.She decided that they would come for her next.And she would be ready for them.She would kill them like they killed her family.She worked all the time after that.Her grandma still sends birthday money,christmas money, and money for no reason.She uses that and money she gets for walking dogs and babysitting to get everything she and Mistwood would need.Sometimes she also buys ropes as extra weapons too.Every now and then she goes into the forest and climbs a tree and stays there for hours.Watching the stars reminds that there is good out there.And she would find it.But, first she will get rid of some of the bad.

    I hope you like her!And if you want to change anything just let me know. :)
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    Dark22978 Advanced

    Bob. :3 I loved his.
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    Sage Parson Junior
    Congrats! :D
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    Sports19 Junior
    Congrats Bob :)
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    Skyler Potter Junior
    Congrats to Bob! His was very good, I liked it too.
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    RandomRebekah Novice
    Name: Alice Honey Rosser
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Alice Rosser is a very tall, fashionable girl. She has long platinum blond hair (not dyed) and a very pale complexion. She has warm, brown eyes.
    Personality: Alice is the most popular girl in her school. But she thinks that's only because of her good looks and wealth. Of course, she knows alot of people, but she'd only consider a few of them to be friends. She's a bit of a pushover and very indecisive, but will face her fears to save her loved ones. She's funny, but sarcastic, so sometimes her humours hurts others. She's secretly very smart, but is scared to show this for fear that her classmates will be intimidated, and start picking on her for being a "nerd". So for this, she is behind in class and a bit of a slacker.
    Intrests: Alice loves anything cute. She loves animals so much, and wants nothing more than to be a vet. But she isn't a vegetarian, because she believes that animals must be killed and eaten for survival. Although she will NEVER eat a rabbit - they're far too cute! She loves to read and study. She's made countless PowerPoints and Word Documents at home about various things. But of course, nobody but close friends know about them. She's also rather skilled at hockey, and has one a few medals for this when she was younger.
    Dislikes: Alice can't stand bullies, she doesn't understand why they take pleasure in making others lives a misery. She doesn't like show offs either. She can't dance to save herself, and thinks that breakdancing is scary because... Well... It just is. She also hates custard.
    History: Alice's father died two weeks before her birth, because two idiots were playing with fireworks outside his office... And let's just say that things got ugly... She didn't see much of her mother (Ella Rosser) because she had to work almost everyday to make sure her three daughters had the best childhood possible. Fortunately, Ella was very good at her job as a business woman, and made alot of money and hired a Nanny. Alice has a sister who is five years older than her called Ashley, and Alice considers her the best big sister ever. She was always nice to her, letting her borrow her stuff and all that. She did have a twin, Amy, but when they were 14, she went for a walk with their French Bulldog and never returned... Shortly after that, her friend Michael became her boyfriend Michael.

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