Could you be a Deatheater?

Hello everyone! This is a pretty simple quiz to see if you could possibly have what it takes to become a Deatheater!

This quiz is for fun, so please don't be offended or put out by your result. :-) I'm currently looking for advice or ideas for my Harry Potter series, "Mystery at Hogwarts". I would be very grateful if you could take the series so far, and leave me some comments. :-). Thank you, and enjoy! :-)

Created by: JessicaLestrange

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  1. If someone you didn't know seriously injured themselves right in front of you, what would you do?
  2. Would you be able to lie to your family, or your closest friends?
  3. How would you respond if someone you didn't know gave you a bunch of roses?
  4. What is your current opinion of Lord Voldemort?
  5. Would you be able to work with other Death eaters?
  6. Would you ever be able to physically harm someone?
  7. Do you consider yourself better than everyone else?
  8. If you did become a Deatheater, would you ever consider betraying Lord Voldemort?
  9. If Lord Voldemort sent you on a secret mission, would you complete it, no matter what it was?
  10. Would you ever consider becoming a Deatheater?

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