Educational Love Part 6

This is part 6 to the educational Love series that I have created. If you haven't taken the first five, please do so before you take this one! Thanks!

I hope you enjoy this. Please feel free to email me with comments and such. This one will be really dramatic for every one who likes drama! have fun!

Created by: Alex13writer
  1. you know that this story is part 6 of educational lOve series. Right/
  2. I'm getting right to the chase, we left off when sam said I love you k?
  3. "Sam, that's really sweet, i don't know what to say.' "Oh. I got it" he says, "You don't feel the same way. that's alright. I just want you to be happy and I know that there's a lot going on. i shouldn't have said anything at all. I'm such an idiot. i'm sorry ______." "sam, you shouldn't be sorry-" "No. I should have known." he says. You can feel how hurt he is.
  4. you don't know what to do. you can feel that you tore him up with what you said. Without putting much thought into it, you lean in and kiss him. He pulls back at first but then realizing what happened he kisses you back and a million feelings wash over you. You are startled by the sound of shattered glass. You pull away and look up. Danny is standing in the door way, holding your ibuprofen. shattered glass and spilled water cover the floor in front of him. "danny, it's not what it looks like!" you start to say, but he's already left the room
  5. You chase after Danny leaving Sam alone in the bedroom. brian and andrew ask you what happened and tell you that he left the hotel room. "I'll explain later' you tell them, and chase after danny.
  6. your phone rings and you answer it. "Danny? I'm so sorry! Can we please talk?" "I guess." He says. "meet me on trail eight at the nature reserve, there is something I need to do there." "okay."
  7. immediately, you see Danny and run up and hug him. "Danny! I'm so glad you are okay! Please forgive me!" "follow me." after walking for a while, you are standing over a canyon. "It's gorgeous" you say. "______, I know that right now, there are a lot of things going on that have made a big impact on you. You know that I love you right?" "Yes" you say. "good. and what is happening and will happen is for you. Right?" "Yes" "Look ______, you will have to make a lot of choices very soon, and I want to make this simpler for you." "Danny, what's going on?" You ask. "Just take care of yourself. Promise me." " i promise but Danny, are you okay?" "be happy ____" "What? What's going on" Right then, Danny leans back, off of the canyon. "NO! NO! NO!' you scream, as puddles of tears form on your cheeks. "No!"
  8. You faint. When you wake up, you are back at the hotel and Sam, Brian and Andrew are there. "What happened?" Andrew asks you, obviously concerned about you. You start to cry. "_____, if you tell us what's wrong, we might be able to help" Brian says. "He jumped!" you choke out. "Danny jumped off of the edge of the canyon. he told me it was to make my choices easier." "That was my best friend! You killed my best friend. It's all your fault!" Brian says. "And you!" he says pointing to Sam, "if you hadn't kissed her, he'd be fine! How could you?!?!" "I didn't know! I wouldn't have done anything if I knew this would happen!" Sam says. "______, are you alright? I promise, everything will be okay" Andrew says.
  9. you run into your bed room and cry. after what seems like forever, the door opens and Andrew comes in. "_____, I know that this is really hard, believe me. He was almost my brother. You have to stay strong and listen to me. Everything will be okay. I promise." He kisses your forehead and exits.
  10. Please rate comment, and stay tuned for part 7! I love you guys!

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