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So, I recently released Part 7(sorry about the wait) and if you haven't taken it, I suggest you do. Any way, I'd like to acknowledge the people who take theses quizes. Thanks everyone!

I hope you will help me advertise, because these ar a lot of work to make. And for everyone that does take these, there's gonna be a SUPER surprise at the end of this one! Stay tuned!

Created by: Alex13writer

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  1. The last question of Part 7 was: "It's exactly what I thought." Brian says. "Our time is running out. _____, you need to choose one of us within the next twenty days. Otherwise, we all die. I'm sorry, but this is how it is. You see, on our planet, your destiny is sealed from the day you are born to the day of your death. When you are born, your destiny is told by the Visionary. It's written down and put away until your older. The thing is, is that when they destroyed our planet, they destroyed the destiny scrolls too. We are all ment to have our destinies given to us at age fifteen. But since ours were destroyed, We have to set our destiny by age fifteen. And for you ____, that means in twenty days. Otherwise, we all won't have a destiny. We will die." Got it?
  2. Back to part 8- You are shocked. Why didn't they tell you this before? Twenty days to decide the love of your life sounds a little crazy. "Brian, why didn't you tell me before? I think this is some pretty important information that you left out." "Well," he says "we weren't sure if this was actually true or not. after a while, we kinda forgot." "So what you mean to tell me is," you say "You forgot to tell me that I had to choose the love of my life before I turn fifteen? Good work. You have officially blown the whole coming of age thing. I've decided that my power thing could work, so Before this goes any further, I'd like the three of you to tell me exactly what's on your minds at the moment. Now." "I love you" they all say simultaniously. "You guys are useless." I'm going to the only NORMAL place I know at the moment that's even relatively safe. None of you try to stop me, or I will command you to do some very embarrasing things, or something that will keep you all busy. Okay?" "Fine" "Sure." "whatever". They say. You head out.
  3. You walk out of the hotel, and head east, because that's where Lewis' house is. On the way, you notice a lack of cars, and then realize that it's sunday already, one wekk since you ran into the guys. One week since your life changed forever. You arrive at Lewis' house, and ring the doorbell. His Mom answered the door. "Hello Mrs. Samson, I was wondering if Lewis was around." "Sure, I'll go get him." She walks away, and returns with Lewis at her side. "Okay, bye mom." he says. You giggle. "Hey Lewis, I was wondering if we could catch that movie you mentioned. Sorry I had to go before, my uh, cousin was really sick." "Sorry about your cousin. Seems to be a thing in your family." he says. "Uh, Yeah. Definately a thing in this family. So about the movie?" you ask. "Sounds good."
  4. You walk to the theater, which is only like three blocks away, and buy tickets to Black Dove. You guys go to buy snacks, and he orders for you. So far it's the best date ever. You make your way into the movie theater. "Hey Lewis?" You ask. "Yeah." he responds. "What do you think of me?" "Well," He starts to say, "I think you are a special girl. Is that the answer you were looking for?" "It's a great answer, and one more thing. How do you feel about me?" you ask. "Man, _____ you ask the simplest questions." he says. "I, well, I kinda love you."
  5. The movie has just started, and Even though you are confused, you kiss him. You remember playing in the front yard with him, hanging out durring elementary school, and then, things changed. You miss him, you miss the relationship you had, the fun times. It's all the guys fault. They've torn me away from my family, my friends, and my future, you are thinking. You realize that you are more enraged than you are in love, but you don't care. You kiss Lewis again, and when you do, the movie comes to a scene, where the whole screen is fire.
  6. After the movie, Lewis offers to walk you home, but you decline, because what he thought was your home, isn't anymore. You walk back to the hotel, and immediately go to your room, ignoring the fact that there was no one there. You go straight to your room, and fall right to sleep.
  7. In your dream, you are in a huge purple and green circus tent. As you walk around, you come across many mirrors. You look in, but see different faces looking back. You see Your mom, your dad, your grandpa, Sam, Brian, Andrew, and Danny. Then you turn around and see Lewis. "I love you _____!" He says. When he says it, he bursts into flames. You wake up and the whole room is consumed in fire. You already have burns. You are struggling to breathe. You look up, and see someone at the door of the bedroom, before you pass out. Next thing you know, you wake up in the hospital.
  8. You look around, and see a nurse. She comes towards you. "Excuse me," you say, "where am I?" "Darling, you are in the hospital. Your room caught on fire, and you were burned sevearlly. you should get some rest."
  9. When you wake up agian, the room is empty. You get up to find someone, but the nurse comes in again. You go back to your bed. "Sorry to bother again ma'am, but can you tell me how I made it out alive?" You ask. "A young man saved you in an extreme act of courage and bravery. You are a very lucky young girl, you've got quite the boyfriend." she tells you. As you are trying to explain to her that you don't have a boyfriend she says, "Oh, I'm getting a page from him now. He'd like to come in to see you." She exits, and a little later she comes in and says "this is the young man who saved your life." she motions to the door where to your astonishment, and complete confusion, you see the impossible. "Hello ______, How are you feeling?" Danny asks you. "Danny? How?" you say, and then you pass out.
  10. So now that I made it even more super complicated, at the end of 19 days, who do you think that you will choose?
  11. Well, I hope you enjoyed the quiz! Did you?
  12. Rate and comment. This quiz isn't so popular, so please try to spread it around, okay?
  13. Thanks everyone! Hey, some of my favorite quizes are: True Heart and Magic, Summer Love Story. PLease let me know if you want one of your quizes here.

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