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Hey guys! I'm really glad you are taking the quiz. I'm so sorry for the wait, I have been caught up with my own life, sorry to damage yours. (I broke my leg. sorry) This quiz is really long (longer than my others) but I think you will like it any way.

Have you taken the last six quizes? I hope you have. If not, you arew ggoing to be super lost throughout the hole thing. So, I suggest you go do that. Enjoy!

Created by: Alex13writer

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  1. You've tAKEN the past quizzes right?
  2. These are the last questions of Part 6 to get you up to date You faint. When you wake up, you are back at the hotel and Sam, Brian and Andrew are there. "What happened?" Andrew asks you, obviously concerned about you. You start to cry. "_____, if you tell us what's wrong, we might be able to help" Brian says. "He jumped!" you choke out. "Danny jumped off of the edge of the canyon. he told me it was to make my choices easier." "That was my best friend! You killed my best friend. It's all your fault!" Brian says. "And you!" he says pointing to Sam, "if you hadn't kissed her, he'd be fine! How could you?!?!" "I didn't know! I wouldn't have done anything if I knew this would happen!" Sam says. "______, are you alright? I promise, everything will be okay" Andrew says. 11. you run into your bed room and cry. after what seems like forever, the door opens and Andrew comes in. "_____, I know that this is really hard, believe me. He was almost my brother. You have to stay strong and listen to me. Everything will be okay. I promise." He kisses your forehead and exits.
  3. I will continue now. K?
  4. You wake up in the hotel room. Your pillow is tear stained and you have a splitting head, and heart ache. You look at your clock, and see that it is exactly 12 pm. You wander out of your room, looking for one of the guys. You are suprised to find the hotel room empty. "Guys? Guys?" Nothing. You start to cry again. Not only did Danny jump, but the only ones who could protect you have left. You are alone.
  5. Just then, you hear voices outside the room. Yuo run into your bedroom and pretend to be asleep. You know it's the guys. You recognize their voices. They are coming into the bedroom. You role onto your side, so that your face isn't visible, and try to listen in. As they enter your room, the three of them sit on the edge of your bed. You recognize Andrew's voice first. "All that I'm saying is that now might not be the best time." he says. "It doesn't matter when the best time is though. It needs to happen soon. She needs to know. NOW" You realize that that was Sam talking. "I think we should just give up" Brian says "It's obviously too much for her. And us." Sam says " It's so odd, how this is happening. It's different from the way it was supposed to. I don't know why she doesn't know yet." "Look. I've been thinking. You love her, Andrew loves her, I love her, and Danny, he loved her. Maybe this is how it ends. Danny was right in the mind, but not the action. If death is the penalty, it's the way out. And although I wouldn't want it to be this way, it should end now. If we kill her now, she won't have to carry that burden. It's not her fault. It should end. Permanently." Brian says. "Are you crazy?" Andrew says. "Brian, you are suggesting that we kill the girl we all love, for her sake. Does that sound right to you? NO! There are other ways to solve our problems. I know that you miss Danny. We all do. But there are other ways to fix these things."
  6. You wait an hour, and think things over, before you decide to get up and walk into the living space in your tiny hotel room. you figure that pretending you heard nothing would be the best option. Even though that was a conversation you could never forget.
  7. When you walk in, you see Andrew making lunch, Sam watching television, and Brian looking out the window. The first one to see you is Sam, who says; "Look who's up. We were thinking before, and there are somethings we need to talk about." "But not before you eat.!" Andrew says, bringing over an egg salad sandwich. You enjoy the sandwich, and ask the guys what they wanted to talk about. "Well," Sam starts to say. "First, we wanted to know if you are okay. We know what happened, and we know that you are hurt. We just need to know how bad." "Oh. That's what you guys were wondering. Well, I'm, fine. I'll be okay. But I wanted to ask all of you something. This may sound odd, but I think it's important for me to know. Do you want me dead? Are you going to kill me?" "______, what are you talking about?" Andrew says, obviously in complete shock. "Well," you start to say, "at like, 12 today, I woke up. I heard you guys coming, so I pretended to sleep. While you guys were talking, I kinda over heard Brian saying, that it would be best for all of us if I was dead." You feel the tension in the room, you can feel Andrew, shocked. You can feel Sam, upset. You can feel Brian, tense.
  8. "and another thing." you say, feeling more power than you did before. "You said that now wasn't the best time. Best time for what? What are you hiding from me? Tell me, and tell me now." All three of the boys look stunned. Brian speaks. "_____, we knew that you would find out soon, and Sam and I were saying that it was time to find out that you had powers. Much unlike the average powers."
  9. Still shocked, you choke out, "What powers?" "_____, have you ever noticed that when you ask for something, you've always gotten it? Well, that makes you a diamond tongue. Your wish, is everyone's command. No one can ever disobey. Also, you can feel emotions can't you _____. You know when someone is upset. These are blessings and curses." Andrew says. Still in extreme shock, you decide that now is a good place to end the conversation. "Guys, why didn't you tell me? This concerns me more than you. How could you?" You storm off. "_____, wait!" Sam says, but you are in your bedroom, with the door locked.
  10. After a while, you come out of your room and walk directly over to the table, leave a note, and walk out the door.
  11. You walk toward your old school, at the exact time school lets out. You spot Lewis and run up to him. "Lewis! I was hoping to catch you!" "You aren't contagious are you?" He says. "What are you talking about?" you say. "Oh yeah. Ummm no, not any more. I was hoping that you could help me with catching up on school work." "Yeah sure." He says, smiling.
  12. You go and visit Lewis, and you begin to remember how nice his house is. You get a text from Sam, telling you that something urgent has come up. It sound pretty serious. Lewis walks in, and you tell him the news. "It's always something with you. Don't worry about it. If you haave a free space someother time, maybe we could catch a movie." "Yeah. That sounds nice."
  13. You arrive back at the hotel room, and see Andrew on the floor, and Sam and Brian next to him. "_____, you are here. We got your note and decided that we'd go buy some food. Andrew said He'd stay here so if you got here and we weren't here yet, you'd know where we were. When we got back, he was on the floor, fresh out. There was no one here. We know that you aren't a healer like the average girl from our planet, but you have to try to help." Sam says. "Okay." You say. " I know what to do. If he's alive, this hould work. "Andrew. Get up." You command. right then and there, he get's up. You rush at him and hug him. "Andrew! You're okay! Tell us what happened!" "Well, it was sudden. I was alone, sketching a picture, when all of a sudden, my head started pounding, and there was an extreme pain in my chest. I tried to drag myself to the phone, but I blacked out before I did.
  14. "It's exactly what I thought." Brian says. "Our time is running out. _____, you need to choose one of us within the next twenty days. Otherwise, we all die. I'm sorry, but this is how it is. You see, on our planet, your destiny is sealed from the day you are born to the day of your death. When you are born, your destiny is told by the Visionary. It's written down and put away until your older. The thing is, is that when they destroyed our planet, they destroyed the destiny scrolls too. We are all ment to have our destinies given to us at age fifteen. But since ours were destroyed, We have to set our destiny by age fifteen. And for you ____, that means in twenty days. Otherwise, we all won't have a destiny. We will die."
  15. At this current time, who do you think you will choose?
  16. Thanks for taking the quiz! Sorry for the long wait!
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