Educational Love Part 5

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I'm sorry it took so long to right this one, but I got it out and I can't wait for you guys to meet the new character! Oh and this should get a little interesting!

I hope you like!

Created by: Alex13writer

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  1. THis is part 5 of Educational Love. K
  2. You left off by being trapped ina bubble. You pass out but you are saved by the guys.
  3. You open your eyes and see that you are in a bed but not one from your house. It looks like somewhere you've been before and right before you put your finger on it, you get an extreme pain in your head. You decide to get up and find some pain killers. As you walk around, realize that you are in the hotel right off of main street.
  4. You walk to the bathroom but since it is still dark, you can't see. You are wandering around, and you trip over something.
  5. You pick yourself up and continue walking when you are terrified. The thing you tripped over is moving. You freak and run to find the light switch. You turn it on to find none other than the motley crew of Danny, Sam, Brian and Andrew.
  6. "What the heel are you doing? Where the hell am I, and How the hell did I get here?" You scream. "SHHHHH!" They all say at once. "_______, you are lucky you survived, and it's best that you stay quiet or this could change." Danny says. "Plus, this isn't the most 'disclosed location' it's as far as we could get you. You are in the Hampton Hotel." Sam tells you. "As for what we are doing here, we are protecting you. Remember what happened? Yeah. Let's prevent that scenario." Brian said.
  7. "Oh. Okay. but why are you guys in the same room as me, sleeping on the floor?" you ask. "You didn't think we could afford another room did you?" Andrew says. "No, I guess not. still, don't you think it's kind of odd that there are four fourteen year old dudes sleeping on the floor of a Hampton hotel room with an extremely confused 14 year old girl on the bed not six steps away?" "No." They all say in unison. "Well then. my head hurts and I want an ibuprofen. Danny, you go get one. Brian, I'm hungry. Two sunny side up eggs and two strips of bacon. Andrew, I want you to go get my stuff, where ever in hell it is. And Sam, You are going to help me unpack it. Questions?" "Yes. I'm a fourteen year old boy, not a house maid. Do it yourself." Brian says. "i could be in danger though. Don't you want to prevent that?" "Danger with a piece of toast?" he comments. "Yes. I could burn my hand and die." You retort. "Fine."
  8. As the guys hurry around your crammed hotel room, you head out for a breath of air. By now it's about 8;00 am and you figure you'd walk by your school. As you approach your school you are confronted by Lewis, who you used to hang out with in elementary school. He has blue hair, blue green eyes and a cheeky, nerdy smile. "Hey ______, you haven't been around lately. have you been sick or something?" You can't tell him the truth, so you begin to spin a lie." "yeah, you probably shouldn't stand so close, it's highly contagious." "Oh, well I was just hoping that you would get better soon thought I'd show some care." "Alright Lewis" you say, admiring his kindness. You start to wonder why you don't hang out anymore. "Hey Lewis?" you call. "Yeah?" He shouts as he walks toward the school. "If you want to help out, call my cell phone after school and I could see you then. I'll take my uhhhh, medication so I'm not as bad. I'd like to catch up on my homework and stuff." "Alright then' he says. "It's a date"
  9. You head back to your hotel room, and you eat. You ask Sam to come and help so he follows you in and you start to unpack. An awkward silence follows the sound of the zipper, and you feel a little tension in Sam. It's a strange feeling that you get, like people send you vibes. "Are you alright?" "I'm somewhat unsettled." He tells you. You are surprised that you were correct. "about..." you say. "Well, if I must tell you, there is this girl that I met a while ago, and I really like her, but she's having a couple of difficult events at the time and, I don't really know what to say to her. what would you want to hear?" "Well, I'd want to know straight forward how you felt. No games or anything. If she loves you back, then she will be open if you are." you tell him, hoping that you said the right things. "Thanks." "No problem" you say as you head towards the door out of the bedroom. "Hey I forgot something." "yup?" "I love you."
  10. Okay, rate and comment, I will try to get the next one out soon! Thanks for following these!

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