Another crazy adventure/love story (part 2)

So this is part 2, if you haven't read part 1, go and do it now. And sorry but this is girls only because otherwise it's too difficult, so sorry if you're a guy. (Well I could make a guys only one too but it might get confusing.)

Anyway, to recap, you were lost on the top of the fell and have just been ambushed by some weird person, and lost consciousness. I hope you like it, and please comment!

Created by: Innominate

  1. As you slowly come to your senses, you become aware of an uncomfortable jolting sensation, and realise you are being carried on something, lying down in a very uncomfortable position. You are very cold and your head still aches. You try to put a hand to it, but find your hands are tied! Scowling with annoyance, you slowly open your eyes and find yourself staring into the face of a ferocious black raven. His beak is about 2 inches from your eyes, so you quickly shut them again. Not quickly enough however. He utters a harsh cry, and you hear his wings beat as he flies off and resumes a perch somewhere nearby. Someone giggles nearto, and then a girl's voice says 'Oh, she's woken up, has she? How inconvenient of her.' You groan. (From pain and annoyance.)'Don't worry, ___' she says, 'It's not far now.' You see a face bending over you anxiously. It is Kismet.
  2. You don't reply as you can't make up your mind which of the intelligent answers in the last question to say, but you obviously look rather ill because she says 'I didn't hurt you did I? I'm sorry, but you made it necessary. Anyway, you were asking for it. You might as well be with us as by yourself, since you're clearly lost.' 'Us?' you query, thinking are there any more of these crazy people, I do hope not. 'Yes, well, um... look you'll see the others in a bit, so can you just not ask any questions for now please?' 'OK' you agree. There doesn't seem much else you can do! 'But look, are you actually all right?' she asks.
  3. Actually, you don't say any of those things, you just think them and say 'yeah, i guess I'm ok now'. After which, conversation lapses, and you stare up at all you can see which is the sky (it's around midnight by now, you guess) and a few fells around. 'Can I ask just one question?' you say. 'Go ahead.' 'How long is it since you... um... found me?' 'Polite way of putting it!' she laughs. 'It's only about half an hour, you weren't unconscious very long. We should soon -' she breaks off. 'Ah, there they are.' You hear the sound of a lot of feet moving. 'You'd better get up now.' She unties you and helps you sit up. You realise you're on the back of a shaggy black pony. She helps you down, and you stagger as your limbs are aching. Suddenly an arm comes about you and supports you. 'Gosh, ___ are you OK?' you look up to see Matt. He is looking really worried. 'Kismet, you're a fool' he says. 'You've really messed this business up.' 'Not my fault' she replies. 'Connor's orders. Believe me, I'd have left her alone... at least I would have at first. But she saw you with the ponies. It was all up then.' You realise Matt still has his arm round you. He says 'Look, ___, I'm really sorry we've got you into such a mess, but it looks like you're going to have to stick with us. And you can help us a lot, you know.' 'Yes, you can ___,' a new, quietly sinister voice says. 'You can help us very much indeed.' You look up nervously to see two tall guys with cloaks and hoods standing near you. Behind them are about a dozen sturdy black ponies like the one you've just got off. The guy who spoke come forward a pace until he's staring you in the face (except he's quite a bit taller than you). His green eyes are glittering dangerously... Suddenly a familiar voice says 'Hey, steady on, Connor!' and the second guy comes foward, shoving back his hood. Who is it?
  4. It is James. He smiles at you. 'Hi, ___! Sorry I had to leave you so suddenly earlier, it was, um, kind of important, but I guess you know why it was now!' You reply 'Well, it was to do with this, wasn't it?' He nods. You say 'Well, can I just ask 1) why am i here? 2) how can i help you? if you're thinking I've got powers or something like some of the kids you hear about, you're wrong! Just so you know. and 3) please can I go home now?' James opens his mouth to answer but Connor pushes him aside roughly. 'Be quiet, all of you!' he snaps. 'We're late already; curse this moon, it makes it too unsafe, but we're taking the risk and the sooner it's over the better.' He strides over to the ponies and mutters something to the first one, who moves on. As Connor moves off with it down the fell, he flings over his shoulder 'James, find ___ a pony. She can't keep up with us on foot.' As the whole line of ponies are now moving down the fell, you notice almost all of them are loaded with packs and bundles. A couple at the end of the line aren't, and James signals to one of them who comes out and stands beside you. 'This is Posy' he says. 'She'll look after you. By the way, can you ride? I'm afraid there's not much choice if you can't!' You reply
  5. James lifts you up onto Posy's back and stands there, still holding your hand, looking up at you with his attractive smile. 'She'll look after you' he repeats. He puts his arms round you and kisses you gently. As he releases you, you hear an owl call from further down the fell, and immediately James turns and runs swiftly down. 'Well, ___, I think we'd better fall into line. Connor hates it if anyone keeps him waiting!' Matt grins, but you detect a hurt look in his eyes. You guess he didn't like James' behaviour to you.
  6. Matt is also astride a pony, and you both follow on behind the others. He explains that he always rides, but the other two prefer to walk. 'I haven't been with them very long; to tell you the truth I was a bit unhappy about joining them, but that was a couple of years ago now. And I didn't really have much choice about it!' 'Like me' you laugh, and then wonder if they are going to keep you here for ever too. You think of your parents and little sis (you: i don't have one! Me: well you do now) and you think of Taylor and wonder what they will do when you don't come back. You are about to ask Matt what will happen to you, but think better of it. You'd really rather not know! Trying hard not to cry, you enquire casually whether you actually have any control over the animal you're riding. 'Posy? Oh yes, she's very intelligent, she'll do what you tell her, if you ask nicely, that is. Of course it's a bit dangerous to talk to them when people might be listening, but it's OK for you now. I'll teach you bird calls and our special sign language later.' 'Cool' you reply. 'These ponies are native ones and very tough' he goes on. 'I know they're not beautiful, but they are very sweet - especially when they're friendly like Posy.' You ask if they belong to him, and he says 'Oh no, they're Kismet's friends. She has a kind of affinity with animals. The ravens are her friends too. It's handy for us, but she doesn't get on very well with people. Sometimes she won't speak to them at all, but she seems quite taken with you!' You ask him 'What are these ponies carrying then?' He looks a bit uncomfortable and then says 'Well since you've joined us, you may as well know -' but he is interrupted by a cold voice. 'Matt.' Connor steps out of the darkness. 'Less noise please. You don't know who might be about.' 'Sorry' Matt grins. Somehow you get the idea that it wasn't just the noise, Connor didn't want you to know about their business. Connor is still standing next to you. He is so tall that he can look down on you even though you are riding, and the wind has swept his hood back revealing raven black hair. For a few seconds he just stands, looking at you. You are transfixed by his mesmerising green eyes and find yourself gazing back at him, whether you like it or not. At that moment a harsh cry comes out of the darkness, followed by the noise of pounding feet, and someone runs up. You can't make out their face, as the moonlight is falling on their back, and they are also cloaked. 'Connor' the mysterious figure gasps, 'It's all up, they're starting up from Threlkeld! We'll never get to Skiddaw House in time, they'll cut us off, and then we're lost.' 'No we're not!' Connor snaps. 'D'you think I've done this so many years, to give up for dogs like these? Kismet!' he hisses. He turns to Kismet, who must have been behind you all the time, but you don't look at her. You are staring at the cloaked figure in front of you... You gasp 'Taylor!'
  7. 'What the? *****' (He swears violently!) Taylor strides forward and grips you arms. He is still panting from running so fast, and he stares into your face. 'What do you think you are doing here?' he demands. 'Get off me!' you cry, kicking your pony after the others. (Incidentally, Posy doesn't like this treatment and puts back her ears to show she's not happy with you, but she knows you're het-up and don't really mean it.) You are hurt at Taylor's behaviour. 'You go off by yourself to see your friends, well fine, I guess I have a right to go off by myself too, and see MY friends!' Taylor gasps. 'But you don't know them! You'd never met them before today! I know because I made sure you'd never even been here before, there wasn't the slightest possibility of you getting mixed up in all this.' He stops and bites his lip. 'I'm sorry, ___, I guess it's my fault for leaving you in the first place. I was just trying to protect you. You see, you don't realise quite how dangerous this can be...' At that moment, Kismet comes up alongside on a tall white horse. '___', she says, 'you know I said you could help us?' 'Sure', you say. 'We need you to help us now. Matt wants to keep you out of this, and so does Taylor I guess, but you're in it up to your neck now! If we let you go now, 10 to 1 your throat will be slit by morning.' 'Kismet' Taylor warns. 'It's true! Or maybe you'll conveniently "fall" off a cliff. Either way, THEY will make sure you're not here to tell tales. So please will you stay and help us?'
  8. You say reluctantly, 'Well, seems I can't do much else. But what do you want me to do. She replies 'We are coming to a division in the tracks. If we go roughly straight on, we get to Skiddaw House. We need to get this stuff there unseen but we can't do that now. If we go right, you get to the river, and a proper track with stones on the other side. I'm taking these ponies there now. There's places up in the fells there where we can hide 'til things have calmed down a bit. I want you to wait right here. If anyone comes the way I'm going, just get on Posy, and gallop up to the house as fast as you can. Matt's going to stay there and you can warn him. That's all you need to do.' She turns to go, and then says 'Oh, and whatever you do, don't let yourself be seen! Lie on the ground and Posy will lie down too. It's so rough and marshy right here they won't spot you.' 'Um... okay, but won't they see me if I make for the house?' 'If they do, we'll risk it! But a girl riding her pony at night is crazy but not a criminal. These ponies are different. They mustn't be caught at all costs. See you later, God willing!' (you: what'd she say that for? me: it's what they said in the last century. you: ok. i had guessed she was kinda weird.) She and the ponies move off to the right at a brisk trot. You remember your instructions and dismount stiffly then lie down. Posy immediately lies down beside you and goes to sleep with her head on your arm. 'You know what you have to do?' James bends down to whispers. 'The house is straight on, follow your nose, you can't miss it.' You nod, as Matt trots up. 'Good luck ___' Matt says, and urges his pony on into a gallop. You see Taylor standing by you. '***, ___, I'm sorry.' (me: *** means swearing, but I'm not putting it in full, because I don't know enough swearwords and anyway this thing always takes them out and puts *** instead :P) He stands there a few seconds as if unsure what to say, so you whisper 'It's OK, it's not really your fault.' He bends down to kiss the top of your head, then you both become aware of Connor standing there. He doesn't say anything, but you can sense he is not pleased. Taylor quickly heads off, and Connor looks down at you again (those mysterious green eyes...) and then disappears, swiftly and silently.
  9. You are all alone. The moon is high now, and you can make out the outlines of all the fells around. It looks sinister and ominous. You can hear the wind blowing about you. Posy's breathing sounds really loud. As does your own. In fact you're sure anyone coming past would hear your heart beating a mile off. You strain your eyes into the darkness. All of a sudden you have a creepy sensation that you are being watched. You wish you weren't quite so close to the path, and at the same moment Posy springs to her feet with a snort as you feel a hand clapped over your mouth and your wrists grabbed in a vice-like grip. As you struggle, something hits you on the head, and you plunge into darkness.
  10. OK so that's the end of this part. Are you coming back for part 3?
  11. Sorry this wasn't meant to be a question! Bye!

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